Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Things I Would Want with Me if I Got "Lost"


2. At least a 3-yr supply of chocolate.

3. Lots and lots of toothpaste and floss since I've become a flossing maniac.

4. John Locke... so we're only on season 2, but it seems like he's the guy to know on the island.

5. Sunscreen... my fair skin burns so fast.

6. Lots and lots of batteries and a cellphone that works everywhere in the world (yeah, in my fantasy land they'd exist!)

7. Can we say hand sanitizer???

8. Toilet paper, please.

9. A few books that could be read over and over again (the Bible would be a good pick for sure.)

10. An umbrella.

11. Duct tape... my husband is a veteran, I think he could do anything with duct tape.

12. My puppies. No worries of urine smelling carpet on the island!

13. Jack Bauer. Ok, wrong show... wrong location... wrong tv channel... but come on! The Others wouldn't stand a chance against Jack Bauer. You know you'd want him there too. ;o)

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Catherine (almost_grinch) said...

LOL about the urine smelling carpet. I can relate!!

Nicole said...

LOL about your dogs and the carpet. Maybe I should move to an Island so when my dogs (excluding Rudy cuz he never stinks) get wet I can run far far away...

Krissy said...

Cute list! TP and chocolate most definitely. Although I think my hubby would be an awfully good rival for Locke. ;o)

Anonymous said...

I still absolutely LOVE this list!