Sunday, June 14, 2009

Meet Horton

Meet Horton.

She's an elephant.


Yes, this Horton is a she. (Notice all the purple.)

I don't think our Horton has heard a Who. Or a What. Or a Why, for that matter. But she has a Where, and that Where is at our house. In our nursery. On the new dresser - that took me months and months to pick - and will belong to our future-adopted-child-to-be. (No, we do not have any news.)


(Dustin named her, by the way.)

Horton joined our little family a long time ago. She came to us from a cute little Etsy shop. I'm sure I bought her for a baby gift, but for some reason or other did not give her away. I ended up buying something else for the gift, and I don't remember What it was, or for Whom it was even bought. So Horton still resides in our little home, on her very own little Where, just waiting to make a friend.

Hopefully our future little Who will love her.


Claire said...

What a lovely post, sweetie! I keep you guys in my prayers.


Erin said...

I love your Horton. I also can't wait to "meet" the little friend God has picked out for her.

Sarah said...


My Grandma made me something very similar when I was little...only mine was grey of course. It went with my circus train afghan she made me...and it had other animals too, but the elephant was always my favorite.

heidi @ ggip said...

I love your little Horten. Still hoping for you guys!!

Jessica Morris said...

Horton is adorable.
But I think I already told you that.

You just keep feeding my etsy addiction.