Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Would Rather Be Interesting...

... Than Tidy!

I read that statement the other day and have deemed it my new motto. :o) Oh how true it is! I don't particularly find myself and my life all that interesting, but I guess someone out there might, right? One thing is for sure though... I.Am.Not.Tidy!

There are very few times when my entire home is clean. I do try to keep the essentials clean.. kitchen and bathrooms of course. But as far as tidy? Organized? Nope! It doesn't matter what it is... whatever I want is never where I want it to be. A personal life organizer would make a killing off of me (if only I could get organized long enough to find their phone number...)

I try and try to organize (especially my home office!) and it just doesn't work. I even buy these cute little organizing boxes for all my jewelry supplies, and somehow it just doesn't happen. *sigh*

Someone please tell me I'm interesting!!! ;o)


Nicole said...

Hey, you are most certainly interesting Crystal. You have amazing talents and you have great taste in decorating!

LOL I had a dream that Lorne and I moved to Texas and lived half an hour away from you. So you and I drove down to pick up Erin and Janine and we all hung out.

So, if you were not interesting I wouldn't have included you in my fantabulously awesome dream! LOL!! haha :P

Krissy said...

You are fascinating! :D I'd love to have that saying in a sign right in my kitchen. I do love to organize, but I am most certainly not very tidy! I think every new mother should be given that sign as well....

Anonymous said...

You are interesting!!!!


Crystal said...

Awww, thanks!

And Nicole, I keep trying to get people to move down to Texas, but no one's taken me up on that yet! :o)