Monday, October 23, 2006

Marvelous Monday

I think I shocked a few people with my last posting... my "Thursday Thirteen" list of things that ticked me off last week. *blush* I had a particularly draining week, and I had been wanting to jump on the "Thursday Thirteen" bandwagon, and the two of those collided into that blog post. I'd like to put my readers' minds at ease... I'm not dwelling on or wallowing in any of those things (except, perhaps my silly tooth which won't stop acting up.) There are things I am wallowing in, *lol*, but that's another blog for another day.

So to offset that post, I decided to declare today "Marvelous Monday" and mention a few things in my life that make me happy and I find absolutely stupendously marvelous. (Listed in no particular order.)

1. My dahling husband
2. My GOOD dog ;o)
3. My faithful jewelry customers
4. My giving heart which seems to grow each day
5. My loving friends, both in person and online
6. My ever faithful supply of chocolate! :o)
7. My family, particularly my (((mom & dad)))
8. My God, who remains faithful and steadfast even when I'm not faithful to Him
9. My God-given talents
10. My house that WILL be fixed up eventually
11. My collection of yummy smelling candles
12. My ability to make my husband smile and giggle even when he's in the foulest of moods
13. My husband's ability to make me smile and giggle even when I'm in the foulest of moods
+1. My life in general that may not be tidy but is interesting... right? RIGHT??? ;o)

There... thirteen + one things I find marvelous on this Monday afternoon. I'm sure I just made one particular Crosswalk friend very happy. ;o)


Sarah said...

YAY!!! I am so proud of you optimism now!!!! Sounds so much better then that "other" list.


Claire said...

Glad it's looking up! Yay for good things!