Saturday, March 01, 2008

Metal Head

I'm all over the place emotionally this weekend, so I will spare you that and just show you jewelery instead. That's always more interesting anyway, is it not?

Here are a couple of new things I made this week. Nothing spectacular, but sort of fun nonetheless!

You can tell I've been having a lot of fun with my new disc cutter. That baby has been putting in a lot of time.

Here is one disc necklace. It matches the earrings I posted a few weeks back. It has sterling silver, copper, and brass. (All of our metals are solid and lead-free, by the way.)

Similar materials, different style. This one has red brass instead of yellow. There's not much of a difference, but you can tell in person. Red brass has a higher copper content than yellow brass does, giving it a very slight rose-ish hue. This necklace is shown on leather, but I will be selling it with the option of a sterling silver chain too, like the previous necklace. It looks neat on both, and either way you go it makes a statement.

Lastly, my new favorite pair of earrings. These are copper discs stamped with a little lotus flower. Isn't it cute?? I'm working on a matching necklace right now. :o)


The Rock Chick said...

Love, love, love the jewelry!!! Check your email :)

What's got your emotions all over the place? The usual stuff or something else?

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Those stamp ones are new and unique to me.

Jessica Morris said...

LOVE it too!!