Wednesday, March 05, 2008

We have babies!

Baby plants, that is. Eeeety bitty seedlings!

I'm always amazed when I watch plants grow from seeds. It's such a cool process! I mean, that little tiny seed turns into a nice, fruiting plant. How in the world do people fail to believe in a Creator?

Our tomatoes are growing nicely:

We have little squash plants!

A few little cucumber seedlings:

And look at all these future green beans!

I'm told by my gardening expert (aka "dad") that we will have to get rid of some of these, probably. But ooh, aren't they super cute?

In other news, I seem to have developed a strange aversion to cheese. This is not a good thing since cheese is a good source of calories, fat, and protein for me.
I usually LOVE cheese and eat it every day. But eeeewe, it grosses me out lately. I think my body is telling me to become a vegan... and that just makes me want to cry!


Erin said...

OK...that was cruel! Following your prior two posts, you post a blog title 'WE HAVE BABIES' my heart stopped beating for a split second as I got SO excited. Yay for your garden though.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

That is a GREAT garden! Good job!

Maybe you could try some other kinds of cheese that you normally don't have? Like brie with apples or something?

The Rock Chick said...

I thought the same thing as Erin and thought you were joining J Lo and Angelina with a set of twins!

I'm envious of your garden! I can't grow anything. I dont even bother, but it would be nice to have those veggies right in the yard!

Sometimes before I catch a cold or something, food that I normally love tastes weird to me. Hope you're not catching something!!!