Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #5

Thirteen Things I'd Never Do as a Mother

1. Cloth diaper. Sorry all you cloth diaper lovers, I just can't do it. I've seen what comes out of baby's butt, and I'm not sticking my hands in the toilet to get it off. *lol*

2. Open a bag or package or box of food - not yet bought and paid for - at the store and let junior eat it while shopping.

3. Wash my kids' mouths out with soap. I just don't think I could do it!

4. Put coke in junior's bottle. *shudders*

5. Lick my finger and then use it to wipe junior's face!!!

6. "Clean" a pacifier by licking it and wiping it on my jeans. *double shudder*

7. Pierce baby's ears. It's just not for me, no offense to baby ear piercing moms out there. ;o)

8. Go into debt for junior's birthday/Christmas parties/presents.

9. Do that weird infant potty training thing. Holding a screaming newborn over a toilet isn't really the bonding experience I'm looking forward to. *lol*

10. Let any hormonal boys come anywhere near my gorgeous daughter without at least my big, strong husband and a fully loaded M-16 between them. ;o)

11. Help junior out of the potty he fell into before grabbing a camera and taking a priceless picture with which I can blackmail him on the night of his first date.

12. Make my children wear ugly outdated clothes just because I'm getting old. *lol*

13. Say "never". *snicker*

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Bethany said...

I think #14 should be "Wear sensible old-lady shoes". Kinda goes along with #12. :D

Meghan said...

I always SWORE I'd never do #5....and it took me a few years to break down and do it, but I did it all the same. :)

Jessica Morris said...

SO funny!! I love your idea and your whole list - though I am a baby ear piercing type of person - for baby girls ;)
I might just steal this subject idea in the near future :) I like it a lot!

Shelby said...

So funny! I like the last one, "say never"..haha. PS I've done a few of

Krissy said...

I'm a Number Fiver myself. It just gets to be part of life with children! I did try the cloth diaper thing for a while with #1 and #2, but it really wasn't a very fun experience for me. #3 had normal diapers and was potty-trained as early as I could get her to be!