Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #6

Thirteen Things I'd Never Do as a Millionaire

1. Buy ridiculously expensive new vehicles. I'd get a nice one, for sure, but an overpriced one just for the status? No thanks.

2. Buy a McMansion.

3. Tell people that I was a millionaire. lol (See? Maybe I am already. Guess you'll never know, eh?) ;o)

4. Wear designer labels just for the name (or maybe even at all!) That's one of the biggest wastes of $$ I can think of.

5. Look like a millionaire.

6. Buy designer label stuff for my dogs! (Ok, maybe that is the biggest waste of $$ I can think of!)

7. Hire a cook. A maid? Probably. A personal shopper? Perhaps. But a cook? Not a chance.

8. But any non-organic food products, if organic was available to me.

9. Shop at Wal-Mart! *GAGGGG*

10. Rest until we found a treatment that would take my husband's pain away.

11. Spoil my children with too much "stuff" and fail to teach them the value of honest work and wise money management.

12. Become more wasteful than I already am (which is already too much).

13. Forget where I came from and keep all the blessing to myself.

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jessica said...


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Jessica Morris said...

Haha about #6... your dogs won't become millionare dogs too?? They *need* all that dog bling bling... they might be hurt. They might turn around and sue... because, after all, you would have all that money for them to sue for =)

Krissy said...

I'm with you on all of those!!