Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Can silver hearts beat as one?

You remember the copper heart set I made a couple of weeks ago? Well, someone ordered it in sterling, so I thought I'd snap a photo and share before it's gone today. :o) Personally, I think I prefer the copper! Not only is the copper easier to work with, it stands out more. I do think the sterling would be fabulous with a colored stone though, such as jade, aventurine, RED jade (oooh... ok, I'm making myself one with those), turquoise, or even some kind of jasper. Anything that will stand out. The clear beads sort of get lost.

I learned a few things by making this sterling set. One, thick guages of sterling silver wire are great for making your hands sore. Two, I'm selling this set for WAY too little and my price will definitely go up when it's offered on our website. Three, electrical tape on the pliers works great for preventing tool marks for a little while, but then it just gets gummy. And four, don't try to learn your new hammer and anvil on a new and not yet perfected product. lol

Ok, now that it's all done and ready to go, and I have stayed up all night... I'm going to bed.


Heidi said...

It looks great. You do a great job photographing the pieces too.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Wow, that's beautiful! You are very talented. :)