Monday, May 14, 2007

Flowers for you

I have a new hibiscus bush on my front porch. When I bought it, I didn't know what color the blooms would be. I was hoping for red, but ended up with pink blooms with a red middle. They're pretty anyway, so I thought I'd share! (And as a bonus, you get a photochopped hibiscus too.)

I bought it the day my granny passed away... which happened to be earth day as well. We also planted a mandarin orange tree in the back yard that day. I'm not entirely sure why I chose that day to work on a garden, but my granny always loved plants and this seemed like a nice way to honor life. I think I'd have 10 of these bushes if I knew where to put them. I adore them.


Heidi said...

Beautiful picture! Hibiscus are such nice plants. Up here, you would have to take it inside for the winter though.

I personally love the peachy orange color. It's absolutely beautiful.

A mandarin orange tree! That sounds divine!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Very beautifully shot photos!

The blooms look magnificent. :)