Saturday, August 09, 2008

More Randomness

*You are all BAD bloggy friends, BAD! You asked me why when I told you not to. For that, I... (ok, confession time. Just now I was going to say, "I fart in your general direction", BUT what are the odds that you would all get the reference there? So nevermind. Plus, I'm waaaay too classy for that.).

*Instead, "Go and boil your bottoms sons of a silly person. I blow my nose at you!"

*Class? I got it.

*Let's hope that class shines through on Wednesday, when we have a person from the adoption agency come by to do our home study interviews. They will either be all in one day or in two days. I think since our appointment is early enough, it might just be one.

*I promise to not break wind in anyone's general direction. Though I do have allergies, so I can't promise a lack of nose-blowing. Sorry.

*My house is currently still torn apart from our flooring project (which isn't quite done). I'm worried that this will reflect negatively on the study. I don't know why it would, but I'm a worried paranoid person by nature, sooooo...

*We now have our first ding in our new flooring. Some metal thing was on top of a shelf, on a pile of clothes I was pulling down (why? WHY was there a metal thing on the shelf? I have no idea.) It fell and hit just right and *ding!* I cried for an hour.

*"A" is the initial of the last name of Dustin's family members who threw a big shin-dig family reunion thing, for which they took pictures. We could not be there for the pictures, so we were sent shirts with an "A" and told to take photos, including silly ones, so we could be "photochopped" in. Hence the last post.

*I thought that was a bit weird, but okay.

*I think my husband makes an adorable blow fish.

*My dad thinks he knows Hawaiian because he can now pronounce
"humuhumukununukuapua'a" which is apparently some famous fish in Hawaii and means "fish with a pig's nose". Or something.

*My printer farted in my general direction last week when it decided it would poop out on me. I sensed it coming. Being a business woman in the middle of trying to fill orders, a printer is a must. So I threw it in the toilet and *kindly* requested my hubby buy me a new one likerightnowplease.

*Maybe kindly is not the appropriate word there. Growled might be a bit more accurate.

*I don't normally growl, but I was completely stressed. My wonderful man was nice and bought me one anyway, despite the growling. It must be because I'm so cute when I growl.

*I recently ordered some cloth dipes "seconds". I could not pick the colors. "Girl" was the only option. I ordered them anyway because the price was insanely cheap and I figured "hmm, pastel lavender, not too bad?"... I requested they be as non-girly as possible and said why.

*I recently got a package for five hot pink dipes "seconds". I will either have one chic baby girl or one baby boy that better be really secure in his masculinity.

*Besides a Hot Sling, those are the only baby things I've bought since I last mentioned baby stuff. The only other thing I'll buy before getting "that call" is a changing table. I plan to buy that soon after our home study is approved. Oh, and maybe a baby carrier that Dustin can use. That plus a quick run to get formula and wipes and other baby toiletries before picking up the baby should do until we're settled in.

*It stinks that it could still be two more years before we're parents. That would make for a 10 year wait total (we've wanted them since we married but kept putting it off one reason or other) and a 4+ year wait since deciding we were ready. Hind sight is always 20/20.

*I could really go for a slice of chocolate cake right now. Anyone want to bake me one?

*That's all for now.


Heidi @ GGIP said...

Montey Python.

I wouldn't imagine that the unfinished floor would reflect badly. Isn't the pressure off now that you have your first ding?

I want some cake too.

You'll have to tell us how the photoshopped thing comes out. I can imagine it might be fairly funny:)

Anonymous said...

For the record....I DO get the fart reference. And in response..."Your father was a hamster, and your mother smelt of elderberries"
You crack me up.

Thursday's Child said...

Good luck on the home study Wednesday!

Nicole said...

Suuuuure you have class...

Your flooring project won't be an issue. So no need to worry or be paranoid okay? :P

Stupid dumb dinging piece of metal! I shake my fist at you!!!! (at the piece of metal... not you) I give you chocolate for being so upset over it.

Dustin is a pretty cute blow fish haha! Seriously, those pictures are just too cool for school!

Did you really throw your printer in the toilet??? Ours was a piece of doo too so I just threw it away :P

I am glad that Dustin loves your growly-ness. He's a cool dude!

Hot pink is the way to go! If you do have a boy then he will just be super cool ;o) Keep telling yourself that and it may come true!

Two years is REALLY long to wait, but I am glad the process has started. I am really happy for you and Dustin. Happy to the point I could cry tears of happiness :o)

Lorne JUST finished making chocolate zucchini cake. Want a piece? It is super dee duper yummy!

Nicole said...

Lorne will be blogging about his baking adventures. I will put a link in my blog so people can check his blog out. He will be posting pictures and the recipes.

I love kitchen islands! We have one in our rental home now and I use it to prepare every meal on! It is very handy dandy.

Claire said...

Good luck with the home study, sweetheart. I have no doubt you will do brilliantly.


PS I got the reference. I *love* Monty Python :)

Chris the Crazy Conservative said...

That's humuhumunukunukuapua'a... mahalo very much!!!!

Jen said...
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Jen said...

I know its hard to wait but when you have a little one it will be worth all the wait. I hope you don't have to wait that long though

I had some really great cake yellow/chocolate marbel with Chocolate icing and it was good it was my sisters bday cake...

|~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~|
| |
____ _|___________|_____
| |

Jen said...

Okay that scrible of symbols and such was actually a picture of a cool cake but it messes up when I post the comment so sorry no cake for you :/

Bethany said...

I *heart* Monty Python!! :-) Pink is "the" hot color for boys now, or so I've been told by my friend who has three boys. And maybe your baby will be a girl!

Jeanie said...

I am not going to comment on the "f" word and you know why.

Also, I can pronounce that Hakuna Matata word as well. It's a bonus skill you get when you vacation in Hawaii.

Kim said...

I told him we already got one! *snicker, snicker*

Silly english k....nigits!

You so called "Arthur king!"

Best. Movie. Ever.