Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Moon over Miami

Or Texas. Either one, really.

I stayed up until 5am the past few nights. One night, I was working. The next, I was outside trying to get eaten alive by mosquitoes catch the eclipse, and the next I wasn't up quite that late, but was working also. As you can imagine, I'm very itchy and tired, and my pictures did not come out that great (hint hint, hon, need that camera!) ;o)

Yesterday I ran some errands, including stopping by an electronics store to play with all the cameras. I'm sure my hunny will be delighted to know that I no longer want the $600 entry level DSLR. I'm sure he will be displeased to know I now want the $1200 one that is better. *grin* But he'll be, well, I'm not sure actually, when he finds out that I'll settle for the first camera's big sister. His birthday is coming up really soon. I think that would make a good birthday gift. Right? Right?

I don't know what else to blog about today. I ran out of questions. I think I might start asking myself questions. Wouldn't that be fun? Jessica would have a hay day with that one. See, Jessica wants to get inside my head and play around in there (and people think *I* am crazy). Ok, Jess (can I call you Jess? Or do you prefer PB/Peanut Butter?) here are the directions:

Go north up Nose Drive and travel approximately 2 inches past the Ol' Factory. Take a left on Foggy Pike, but watch out for all the cobwebs. You'll see a lot of empty space in the fields out past there, (and maybe a cow or two) but that's okay. It just means you're on track. Veer to the right and hit Crazy Lane. Travel north for 4 inches and you're there. You'll want to dress lightly, because it's quite hot and windy. Have a nice trip! But don't stay long, and keep quiet. The voices up there don't need anymore competition.

And without further adieu, here are my horrid lovely photos of the moon and eclipse. The first two are before it started. I included them because I thought the clouds in the second picture were cool. They were cool for this one picture, but totally ruined the eclipse for me. Of course, LAST NIGHT it was totally clear around the moon. Figures. Click on the photos to view them bigger.

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Jessica Morris said...

Woohoo! I got mentioned in your post! THANKS!! Jess or Jessica will do... P/B or Peanut Butter makes me hungry :) And then it sticks that annoying "Peanut Butter and Jelly and Jelly!!" song in my head. AHHH SO irritating!

my crazy sister took like 250 pics of it and posted about 60 of them on facebook... i was happily in bed when it all occured!