Monday, August 06, 2007

My husband will adore me

if I win this contest for him. Ok, so he adores me anyway, but I imagine I'd score extra brownie points if I win this awesome contest for a free LCD HDTV from 5MinutesforMom! It is being offered by Best Buy.

See, we just bought a brand new armoire for our living room. Imagine how nice a new LCD tv would be in there, hmm? Of course, if we win the tv, I'm sure he'd INSIST we get a surround sound system. And an X-box 360. But that's ok, because I'd just insist on my new camera. Then I can take pictures of all the cool stuff so you can be all jealous.

Ok, so go enter. You don't need a blog to do it, and the ladies over at 5MintuesforMom are really great! Of course, they'd be even more great if I win the tv... ;oP

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