Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Some Like It Hot (and Stanky)!

I'm seriously addicted to my torch. Shhhh. Don't tell my husband, but it's a sordid love affair we have. I love, love, love it! Can't you just hear PeeWee Herman shouting, "So why don't you marry it?" (Yes, I watched PeeWee's Playhouse. Yes, I am embarassed to admit that. Yes, I may just go jump off a bridge now.) PeeWee, I probably would if I weren't already taken (by a wonderful handsome man, no doubt, but he just doesn't have that automatic combustion thing going on) and if it were indeed legal in all 50 states. I'm obviously turning into a pyromaniac. People, lock up your pieces of scrap metal. Hide your small, furry animals. Run... very far away... or the torch will get you and apply very cool soldered jewelry onto your body.

But would that be so bad, really? I think there are worse things in life. Such as drinking bleach and having sticks shoved up your bottom. But more on that later.

I'm anxiously awaiting a large order of silver wire so I can torch away to my little heart's content.

Tonight I decided to make a flower pendant inspired by a jewelry artisan buddy, Laurel, that I met on a crafting forum earlier this year. I think I'm going to hang it on a leather cord.

Last week, I made some large circles that I soldered. First time ever that I soldered silver! I'm so proud of me! I made a bracelet and earring set with them. I wore them proudly already. :o)

So enough about fire. I guess. If I have to.

We no longer have e.colis and little e.coli babies floating around in our water. Can't you just hear the angels singing?? This is big news. Now when I brush my teeth, I no longer have to use the preppy bottled stuff. Now I brush with pool water. Yes, pool water. You heard correctly. You know, the stuff you go and swim in? We simply don't have normal water flowing from our tap anymore, but rather we have water saturated with ten times the chlorine that the state requires. Thank God I'm not a blonde. I am now no longer boiling water for my stinky poop dogs. Nope. Now they are getting the same preppy stuff the man and I are drinking. I just didn't think disinfecting their innards sounded like such a grand idea. Are you with me?

Stinky Butt Dog (aka "Molly Mouse") went to the vet on Saturday for her yearly. Mouse is the BEST dog EVER when it comes to vet visits. This dog truly is an enigma. She is the most skittish creature you'd ever meet. If you look at her funny or raise your voice even one iota for any reason at all, she goes off running to her crate. However, get her to the vet's office and she's all calm, cool and collected. Crazy dog. They were mercilessly digging into her leg, trying to find the vein from which to draw blood and what did she do? Nothing. Just stood there like the world was her oyster. Not even when they brought out the torture device they use to collect a stool sample did she flinch. She looked only mildly annoyed when they expressed her anal glands (oh happy day - no more leak issues!). Dang, I wish I had that dog's doctor mojo. See, if it were me, all heck would break loose. Digging around in my arm to find a vein? We'd have a problem. Poking sticks in my booty? We'd REALLY have a problem. Squeezing said booty to express nasty smelling liquid?? I think my hubby would be stuck paying bail. But look at me funny or raise your voice, and I'm just fine!

I wish I could be that calm at a doctor's appointment - (though maybe minus the booty issues). Do you think my dog will switch personalities with me?


Heidi @ GGIP said...

I like the flower pendant. Not sure what to say about the vet visit. Cats don't like to be in cages, so just getting them in their carrier puts them in a bad mood.

Shannon said...

The flower pendant is cool! Will we see that on your website soon?

Crystal said...

Thanks! :o)

I hope so. I need to work on it a little more. I'm still learning the delicate balance of too little solder to too much solder. Once I practice a little more, I'll probably put it up there. :o)

Jessica Morris said...

I love your work so much!
I was looking at your stuff and put a few things in the shopping cart so I could show them to Paul (you know, to *hint hint* to him a little) and then I couldn't find a way to actually look at my shopping cart!
The flower is very cool looking!

Tamara ("solo") said...

I like the jewelry/pendants (did I spell that right?). :)

I also just wanted to check and see how you were.

God bless.

Crystal said...

Thank you. :)

The "shopping cart" link is on the top right side of the page, right under the search bar. Hope that helps! I don't know how long the shopping cart saves items. I think that function is beyond my control.

Tamara, I'm doing alright. This week has been really tough for me emotionally, but I'm surviving. :) Thanks for checking in.

Sonya said...

I love the flower pendant! Very pretty!

I am kind of going through the same emotions as you as far as having children are concerned. We have two daughters and the youngest is 9. We've been trying for over three years to have more children to no avail. Hang in there. I keep telling myself that God will give them to me in His time.