Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What's in a name?

I need your help, bloggy buds. I'd really like to move away from blogger and get my own domain name. However, I can't figure out one I like that also sticks with the name of my blog. I don't really want to change its name; I like its name.


I'll make it worth your while. If you help me pick a winner, and I actually purchase the name, I'll throw in a little reward for you. What kind of reward? Well, I'm sure you can figure that out. I mean, what do I spend my days doing? Hmm? *grin*

Help me, help you. (Did I just quote Tom Cruise? Are the aliens going to come eat me now?) I'd really like to stick with a .com, and it can't be incredibly long (as if 2bellesandabead.com isn't long... but hey, it STICKS with ya, you know?).

So what do you say? Ideas?

You can check to see if your domain name ideas are available at GoDaddy.


The Rock Chick said...

My first suggestion right off the bat is Crystal Clear. Well, Crystal because it's your name, but you are so open, honest and thoughtful and I just adore that about you. You're clear!!!! Crystal Clear!!!!!!!!

I'll keep thinking in case that idea sucks ;)

Amber said...

what's wrong with songofmysoul.com?
Or mysoulsong.com
I like Crystal Clear too. :-)

Crystal said...

songofmysoul is taken.

mysoulsong is open. I'll have to think on that one.

crystalclear is taken as well. It's a cool name, but I really want to keep my blog's name if I can find a URL that works with it.


Dustin said...

How about crystalssong.com?

I don't know if I like to two ssss's'ss's (????) but it's available (for now)

crystalsong.com is taken - so that could get confusing unless people get that yours means Crystal's Song.

mysoulsong.com is available

crystalsmelody.com is available, but it makes people wonder "What's a smelody?"

Crystal said...

Hm.... how about songofhersoul.com?

Jessica Morris said...

Too funny - Paul bought me a domain this weekend and has been off and on working on moving me over to it :) Yay for independance!!

I don't think Dustin should have a vote... what on earth is he going to do with your gorgeous jewelry?! Turn around and give it to your wife?! lol :) I love his commentary on the suggestions tho!

I think "songofhersoul" is cute.

But for my ideas... how about

Jen said...


Hmm just a few for now...I checked with godaddy and all were avilable at the moment :)

I give more thought and see if anything comes to mind

The Rock Chick said...

Hmmmmmm.....I've been thinking about this (because it gives me something pleasant to think about) and I think a song title like "Crystal Blue Persuasion" (ok, maybe not that one, I don't know) with "Song Of My Soul" as your subtitle. I'm still thinking. Something will come to me!!!!!

Thank you for your comments on my blog. Love you!

Jessica Smith said...

How about www.heartofcrystal.com


Jessica Smith said...


Jessica Smith said...


that is song of my soul in spanish

Jessica Smith said...


Jessica Smith said...

I really liked this one...

because the "Psalms" means poetry, songs, poetic expressions...


Jessica Smith said...

Oh..had to one last one....*laughs*


Kim said...

songofmysoulblog.com isn't taken


I really like songofhersoul - but you can't give yourself a prize can you?


or, my personal fav:


It's witty ;)

Crystal said...

Choices, choices!!!

I like musicofyourheart.com


Jen said...



Heidi @ GGIP said...

I think it very much depends on what you want your blog image to be. IS there an actual picture you want on your header or something? Maybe you could reenforce that picture with your blog name.

I want to change my blog name, but I don't want to make everyone switch their feedreaders.I wonder if there is a way to forward it or something.

Crystal said...

I don't know! I really like the banner I have now, but I probably won't be able to keep this layout if I stop using blogger.

I'm not sure if there's a way to forward it. That would be a good thing to look into.

I think so far, I like songofhersoul.com the best. Or maybe I just want to keep all my jewelry myself?! ;oP

Jen said...

Crystal Songofhersoul.com sounds good well infact they all sound nice but go with what you like :)