Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Do you Etsy?

No?! Well, you should!

Etsy is awesome. I Etsy. All my friends Etsy. You should Etsy too.

If you do, would you like to visit my treasury?

Rockin' Robin

An Etsy treasury is where an Etsian shows a collection of some of their favorite items... usually going with a theme or color or both. The cool thing about treasuries is several times a day, one is picked to be shown on the front page. This brings lots of exposure to the artists who both make the treasuries and are featured in them.

2 Belles & a Bead is also currently featured in a treasury made by one of my good jewelry buddies, Laurel!

At the time of this writing, both Rockin' Robin & Sultry Sexy SILVER are on page three for hotness. I'd love for one or both to make it to page one! They both expire tomorrow afternoon, so there's not much time left.

So how can you help? If you Etsy, I'd love for you to sign into your Etsy account (buyer or seller, it does not matter) and visit both treasuries. While being signed in, if you will click on each individual item featured it will help boost the treasuries further to the top. If you leave a comment on the bottom, that helps too. If you're not comfortable leaving a comment but still want to help, the clicks alone would be great!

No pressure, no pressure. ;oP

But at the very least, you really should Etsy.


The Rock Chick said...

You know, I've never "etsy-ed" but for you I will give it a try and check it out!

Dustin said...

I don't etsy...and I think I am glad for that.