Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eight years - anyone have a time machine?

The man and I celebrated our eighth anniversary this week. Can you believe that? I can't. Not only that, but we've been together for just one year shy of an entire decade. It's pretty hard for me to wrap my mind around that one.

If I could go back in time eight years and change things, I would. Oh, pick your jaw up off the ground. I wouldn't change my marriage or my groom. Just the wedding. I've been thinking about that this week. I didn't really want a huge church wedding. I wanted to get married on the beach with just a very few close family and friends. Barefoot in the sand with the gorgeous ocean in the backdrop. With the best photographer in town. Instead we did a church wedding with an amateur hobby photographer. I loved his work, but I absolutely hate our wedding photos. I'm not knocking amateurs, of course (I guess I kinda am one?) but this one screwed up and I'm not sure I'll ever get over it.

Nor will I get over the lack of ocean in the backdrop of said photos!

Anyone have a time machine? I'd like to go back 8.5 years, get married in the spring right when my man returned home from Korea, instead of the following November... and on the beach. With a pro. Barefoot. Then I'd fast forward again, only a little further into the future than the present, to whatever point in time it is that we become parents. Cause I'm tired of waiting, people.

Hopefully this will be the last anniversary we'll be sans babysitter.

But either way, I lurve you hun. Even though our wedding photos suck, you're my world. We didn't get married barefoot, but hey I guess shoes aren't so bad.

Eight years down, forever more to go. *grin*


Dustin said...

I lurve you too! Are you sure the wedding photos didn't suck because I'm in them??? LOL.

Shoes in a church isn't so bad when you realize that you can step on dead jelly fish and still get stung. That would have made for some memorable wedding photos, but wouldn't have been what you wanted to remember :-P

Crystal said...

Well, there is the one where you're making the face. :oP But other than that, no. ;)

And hey, 28 years of living near the beach and I've not once been stung by a jellyfish!

The Rock Chick said...

My wedding photos suck too and I hired a professional. The guy knew how to use the camera, but he had no talent.

Hey, how about a vow on the beach with a good photographer???? That would be so exciting!

Crystal said...

Ours had a great eye, I loved his work. He just didn't have wedding experience. *sigh*

My parents just did a vow renewal in Hawaii. Their pictures are nice. :)

Tiffany said...

Congrats on eight years of what seems to be happy bliss. I pray that the next eight years of your life are even better than what you've imagined!

Heidi @ GGIP said...


Try not to have regrets about your wedding. At the end of the day the important thing is that you were married to the man of your dreams.

Shannon said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm sorry you didn't like your pictures.

I let my MIL talk me out of my dream wedding. Ours was nice regardless, but it bugs me that I let her do that.

Jessica Morris said...

A vow renewal would be sweet. Do it at 10 years :)

Or just do a re-shoot of the wedding pics - I have read quite a bit about wedding photography lately and there's a niche market for wedding photographers to step in and "retake" all the wedding pics that the hired-non-pro photographer screwed up. So you're 8 years later... it would be cute still:)

Jeanie said...

I can't believe someone with your macro and your photoshop skillz can't take one of those lifty photos and superimpose that background onto you guys on the beach.

Or in the lifty photo you add a wedding dress on your bad self.

Seriously, Crys, take me up on the challenge. I expect to see this on your blog and soon. (Or I'm sending Dana over.)