Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The perfect little model

A few weeks ago my mom kept my little baby cousin for a couple of days while my uncle & aunt worked at a health fair (my uncle's a chiropractor, you see... in fact, my hubby who has been seeing him for a while now calls him "Uncle Cracker". Cause he's a back cracker. And the uncle. Uncle Cracker. Get it? Oh, never mind.).

I went over and visited them for one of the afternoons because Little Baby Cousin is the cutest thing ever and I hadn't gotten to see her in a while.

Of course I took my camera. Of course I took well over 100 photos of the child in a span of 30 minutes. And then of course I took some more. She's such a ham and is incredibly photogenic. She thought it was a lot of fun, especially when I let her push the shutter button and take a couple photos herself (I held the camera). She got a nice shot of my mama's legs and a nice shot of the room. I think the kid has a bright future as a photog. The one of mama's legs was super sharp. And framed nicely too, like all tilted and artsy-like.

Cute AND talented. Kid's got a good life ahead of her.

I spent the next several days going through them picking out the good ones and doing a little photoshop magic. I have received permission from Aunt to share a few of them here on my blog because a cuteness so great needs to be shared with the world.

So there she is, the perfect little model... my Little Baby Cousin (who is having surgery tomorrow, by the way, so your prayers would be appreciated).

I wish I could show them all to you, but alas, the cuteness is far too much. I fear you would go into cute overload. Which is quite dangerous, I hear.

See, I can handle it because I've worked my way up, bit by bit. But Little Baby Cousin is new to you, and you must get used to such cuteness a little at a time... step by step.

Aunt & Uncle were pleased with my not-so-mad photo skillz. I think I am now the official family photographer. I think such a title deserves a new lens.

I think the super cute Little Baby Cousin agrees. There are many more legs in the world to photograph, you know.


Marie-Michèle Lanthier said...

Nice pictures, Crystal! I especially like the 4th one...

Nicole said...

She is extremely cute! You got some really nice photos. I will remember to say a prayer for her :o)

Heidi @ GGIP said...

SHe is super cute. You must have had a lot of fun!

The Rock Chick said...

Beautiful little girl and beautiful pictures! And you have mad photo skillz, yo! (do I sound like the other Jessica?) You take better pics than I get a studios!

Bethany said...

Gorgeous child, fantastic photography!! The last one looks especially angelic.

BeckeyZ said...

Isn't it fun shooting kids?

Okay - that sounded totally BAD. You KWIM though.

I got to do portraits of my pastors new grandbaby last week and I loved every minute of it. From rolling around on the floor with her, to uploading and editing the pics.

Cute overload! I get that. I have a hard time not blogging pictures of my own kids every day. At least I know they'll never say "you never took any pictures of me, waaaaa!!!"

ZAJA Natural said...

She is so pretty and photogenic!

Shannon said...

She's pretty! I have camera envy ;)