Thursday, February 05, 2009

Random Fact of the Day #4

Yesterday, I was out of hand soap. I thought I was not out, but when I went to refill the pump in my bathroom, I could not find the refill bottle. I'm not entirely convinced that it isn't hiding from me, in hopes to spare what little soapy life it has left.

So I swiped the bottle from hubby's bathroom and later on went to the dollar store down the way. You must understand that I can't go to the dollar store and buy only one thing, so I found a little door rug and a few other needed items.

What I can't figure out is why the cashier gave me a funny look when I handed her a couple crunchy hippie all natural laundry products... and a can of Pringles.

Surely she gets hungry after doing the laundry.

That is all.


Heidi @ GGIP said...

Are you sure she gave you a funny look? I don't see anything weird about that purchase.

Crystal said...

Yeah, she was freaking me out a little. I don't know what her deal was!

Either way, crunchy earthy hippies shouldn't eat Pringles. They should eat, like, I don't know... granola? Wheat grass? The dollar store must have been out of those. Pringles had to do.

Barb said...

Next time tell her you're a photographer and the Pringles can lid is a DIY white balance trick. :D

Jen said...

Crunchy Earthy Hippies would grab gummy bears :) jk Nothing wrong with pringles lol

Nicole said...

Hmmm, maybe she was just a crazy lady trying to look into your soul :P

My soap refill hid on me. I finally found it about 2 months later... and right after buying a new refill. I think it thought it was being funny by hiding and then by being found when I didn't need it anymore. Silly soap refills.

Crystal said...

That's a great idea, Barb! :)

Hmm, gummmie bears, huh? But I'm vegetarian. Can't eat bears. :P

I hope not, Nicole. It's skeeeery in there.

Stacy said...

Wait! Your dollar store has crunchy hippie laundry supplies? Ours only has chocolate covered sugar bombs, artificial pasta, fruit that's practically past its expiration date already, and toys that are falling apart on the shelves.
I must be going to the wrong dollar store.

Total Delights said...

Don't know much about the pringles and the dollar store but I do know that your jewelry is wonderful

TammyIsBlessed said...

I love your random thoughts!

Jeanie said...

Crunchy people don't shop at the dollar store?

Maybe it's the label "Crunchy" that threw her off. ;o)