Friday, February 06, 2009

Random Fact of the Day #5

Deciding to try new things, we recently bought a jar of sunflower seed butter. What do you know, sunflower seed butter tastes frighteningly similar to sunflower seeds. What's even more frightening is the fact that this somewhat took me by surprise.

I hear "______ butter" and expect to taste peanut butter. I don't know. Don't ask.

Almond butter? Tastes surprisingly like almonds. It's my favorite.

Chocolate licorice, however, tastes nothing like chocolate or licorice. What kind of world do we live in anyway?

That is all.


Claire said...

All I know is that now I really want to try all the foods you just mentioned!


Heidi @ GGIP said...

I have never had chocolate licorice. Do you know where to get it? I am not curious. I would LOVE almond butter!!!!!!!

Crystal said...

Heidi, believe it or not, I bought it at the health food store. They had all sorts of flavors - packaged, not bulk. They are Henry's brand, which is part of Sun Harvest/Wild Oats/Whole Foods still, I believe.

Almond butter I find at the regular grocery store. :) You should try it!

Shannon said...

Cashew butter is my favorite! I like Trader Joe's sunflower seed butter too.

Dustin said...

In response to your closing question: "What kind of world do we live in anyway?"

The kind where lemonade is made with artificial lemon flavoring and furniture polish is made with real lemon juice.

The Rock Chick said...

I know chocolate licorice doesn't taste like either, but I love it! it's one of my favorite snacks!!!