Saturday, February 14, 2009

Random Fact of the Day #8

Signs that you are a chocolate addict:

You are walking out the door, on your way to Lowe's, Circuit City, and any other store your husband decides to drag you to... but before you get out the door, you find yourself running back to the kitchen and stuffing a bag of Hershey kisses into your purse.

You find yourself holding it up, proudly, and declaring it your "snack".

Cause heaven forbid you go a few hours without chocolate bliss.

That is all.


Jen said...

lol! I was reading this to my hubby and he said it sounds like you lol
I usually have candy in my purse :)

Jeanie said...

Man, I *wish* I had some candy in my purse!

Good for you, Crys.

Mrs. Smith said...

Oh wow...that was cool!

This next one is definitely a cut red onion in my opinion. :o)

Mrs. Smith said...

DOH!!!! I commented on the wrong link, lol!!! :-D

Nicole said...

Haha I love having candy in my purse.