Monday, April 30, 2007

My lips are pursed and so is my blog!

Lisa at The Preacher's Wife participated in a "show the contents of your handbag and embarrass yourself" tag. I wasn't tagged, but she said the non-tagged among us could play along anyway, and being the follower that I am I thought, "I want to play too!" "Why not??"

So here is my cute and simple brown purse. Before it, I had a cute and simple brown purse. Before that one, I think I had a.... cute and simple black purse. HAH! Had you fooled, didn't I?

It's a $12 purse from a well known discount shoe store. I had been wanting to replace Cute Simple Brown Purse #1 for a while and had been "shopping" around for one, but the tightwad wannabe in me refused to spend money on a new one when my old one was perfectly fine and I paid a good $15 for it. But my day soon came. I got Cute Simple Brown Purse #2 during a "Buy One Get One Free" sale. The man got some much needed new shoes for work, and I got a cute simple little purse for *drum roll* zero bucks! Go me! Purses are almost as fun as shoes, and lemme tell you, I almost opted for the 100th pair of simple, cute flip flops instead of the purse, but Discount Shoe Store didn't have any flip flops I liked nearly as much as I liked this purse, so purse it was.

Now that you know my purse's life story (which I'm sure had you sitting on the edge of your seat) on to the contents...

There's a checkbook, a trusty green calculator (a MUST when you need to know the square root of 38,179.24* while you're driving down the road with your cellphone on your ear (unless you're, like, a genius, which I, like, am not), my wallet (driver's license removed to protect your innocence - I just could not bear the thought of polluting your innocent mind with the evils of a horrid driver's license photo. I know, I know... you're welcome.), my cellphone that doesn't normally look that shade, but rather a nice shade of bright pink (which I normally hate, but I figured I'm a girl and a girl just needs a girly cellphone cover, right?), some really disgusting gum from the health food store that is supposed to be good for your teeth, some lip balm, peach scented lotion, lemon scented instant hand sanitizer (because what self respecting phobic wouldn't carry around lemon scented instant hand sanitizer in case of emergency??), a cute little pewter toggle (because what self respecting jewelry designer wouldn't carry around a cute little pewter toggle in case of emergency??) and my keys. Sometimes you'll find my bluetooth headset in there, and you'll always find an emergency stash of unmentionable girly products (so why, then, am I mentioning them?) but those just were not photo worthy.

And here's the obligatory "mess" photo...

... which is comprised of various receipts, dental appointment reminder cards, some kind of something or other card from my auto insurance, and a print out of copper wire gauges (again, the whole self respecting jewelry designer thing).

So there you have it, my purse! Ta da! I'm not sure if a non-tagged player can tag people, so perhaps I won't. Although, I'd love to tag Jessica, since she's a new mom and I'm just dying to know if she has dried spit up in hers; and my dad just to see if I could get a funny right-winged blog rant speaking out against the absurdity that is the "man purse". However, I will be nice and leave the decision up to my readers. How about it. Want to play?

*195.395087! Make sure you write it down on a Post-It and stick it to your windshield. I don't want to be the cause of any accidents because you in all your geniusness decide to try to figure out this complex math problem while driving with a cellphone on your ear without your own trusty little green calculator!


Heidi said...

I have enjoyed this purse thingey--I haven't done it yet. I'm surprised all that stuff fits into what looks like a small purse!

As for the math bit, when I used to drive long distances (~7 hours) I used to do long division in my head while I was driving to stay awake. It really helped. But there's no way I could have done square roots.

:) Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad to hear that I'm not so strange about food tv/cook books as I thought!

The Preacher's Wife said...

Hey Crystal!

Glad you played..lovin' your jewelry stuff in your purse and I'm so glad i'm not the only one with the pile of papers in mine...haha...

and you totally didn't have to worry about my trying the math problem. Numbers shut my head down !


Nise' said...

Enjoyed checking out your handbag! I played along too, it was fun and a great excuse to clean my purse.