Monday, April 23, 2007

Waves Go Crashing

We're really not beach people, but once in a blue moon we'll drive out to the beach and admire the restlessness of the gulf. Today we went to the bay and walked along the beach and onto a pier and the jetties. Then I got nervous on the jetties (and tired of the earache that the cold wind gave me! YES... COLD WIND in April!) because there are no rails so we didn't go too far.

I took a few pictures, though it was foggy and I accidentally left my camera on the wrong setting, so the pictures are horribly noisy and the color is a tad bit off but I thought I'd share anyway. :o)

Then we decided it was a nice evening to go out to eat. After we drove around for half an hour trying to decide where to go, we just went home and ordered Papa John's. We're so romantic!! ;o)


Heidi said...

Thanks for sharing. I really like the one of the fence.

Have a great day!

Claire said...

I like the pics, hon! And I think the new look blog is rather fab also.


Jessica Morris said...

I adore the beach!! It is very relaxing! Your pictures turned out great!!