Monday, September 03, 2007

Chocolate, love, and rock & roll

First, the chocolate. Problem Girl is giving away free M&M's to a person that talks about who they are proud of and why. Free chocolate, hello! What could be better? Ok, so the free tv I didn't win a few weeks ago would have been better, but beggars can't be choosers, right?

Now the love. Jenny at Up the Hill Gang gave me some link love this weekend! That was really sweet, so I'm returning the favor.

Finally, the rock & roll. So I really don't have anything rock & roll-ish to talk about, so I guess I'll talk about something else that rocks. My husband's brand new Xbox 360. Can you believe he got that before I got my new camera? Can you also believe that it is *my* fault? Yes, I am the one that physically dragged him out to Wal-mart (I hate that place) and made him buy it. He wanted it for a long time, but hates spending money on himself. He rarely spends money on himself. However, he is such a hard worker and deserved a nice treat for a change. Sooo, we're now the proud new owners of an Xbox 360 Elite and all these fancy accessories that I don't understand other than the fact that they are so overpriced (but that's just Microsoft for ya). Dustin and his friend were playing on that thing until the middle of the night. Hopefully we'll get our money's worth out of it. :)

In other news, hubby had the three day weekend off after all! Shocking, but true and very good. Saturday we went car shopping. I found three I'm interested in. One has leather seats. I can't stop thinking about the leather seats. I think I'm completely sold on leather seats. Have I mentioned I like leather seats? I've actually never had them, but they sure are pretty and easy to clean compared to cloth. It's an '03 Saturn Ion, so a little smaller than what I was planning, but the car is really nice and I think it would work. The other two are bigger - an '02 Saturn L100 (can you tell I like Saturns?) and an '05 Ford Taurus. Those two are both nice too, but are lacking in the leather seat department. I think all three are good candidates, though I'm willing to bet none of them will still be there tomorrow! I'm not even sure we're ready to buy now anyway, but if we decide we are, I'm dreaming about those leather seats. We used to have the Saturn model that the Ion replaced, and it was a decent size. Bigger than my current '94 Sentra (which rains).

Other points of interest... the Ion is manual transmission and the other two are automatic. My last car was manual, and that's what I learned on, so that's not a problem. They're actually a little fun to drive. :o) All three are have power everything, and all three have decent mileage, appear to be pretty well taken care of, and come with a limited warranty.

So what do you think? Is bigger or leather better?


Jenny-up the hill said...

Well...I came to say "your welcome" for the link love and I find that you've linked loved me back! So "Your Welcome" and "Thanks"! lol!!

I would go for the leather...sooooo nice!

Amber said...

Leather is very nice--but it gets VERY HOT in the summer. Imagine sitting on top of a stove in bare legs and then you will know what leather feels like. :-)
But, it is soooooo nice.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

My last car had leather seats and they were easy to clean, but amber is right about how they get VERY hot in the summer. Actually, a friend of mine covers her leather seats with a regular seat cover because it is so bad. Being that you live somewhere hot, you might want to consider that.

Good luck choosing a car. It is hard!

Jessica Morris said...

so, did you decide if you're getting a new car yet??

i *heart* our 2004 aztec we bought this spring!! if you're looking for other options ;)

s.j.simon said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this