Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #16

Because I have recently determined that I have the most bizarre animals ever created, this week brings you...

Thirteen strange things my dogs have eaten or otherwise destroyed

1. Power cords. Apparently this is haute cuisine to one mini schnauzer and one shih-tzu. Trixie (shih-tzu) destroyed the cord to our first digital camera and the one to my husband's cellphone at the time. Molly (mini schnauzer) destroyed one to MY last cellphone. I had to get a new phone because of her. 'Spensive little brat. Funny thing is, some of these cords were plugged in and being used at the time of consumption. It's a miracle they didn't get hurt.

2. Vomit. Ewwe, gross, I know. Trixie has been known to eat not only Molly's vomit when it contains recently eaten food, she also has eaten human vomit found in a pile outside the apartment building we used to live in. I almost killed her. I wanted to. I also wanted to Lysol her mouth, but I think they sort of frown upon that these days. I did, however, scrub her mouth, teeth, and tongue with a baby wipe. And then I cried. No, bawled.

3. Furniture. Trixie used to chew on our old dining room table set. Baaad dog. Molly made some leeway on some antique chairs we were storing here for my parents AND a couple of nice wooden TV trays we have.

4. Walls. When Trixie was a puppy, I caught her trying to chew a wall. A WALL!!! Please explain to me how you chew a wall?!

5. Wasabi peas. Ok, so this one can be blamed on my husband and his buddy. They like to eat dried peas that have this hot wasabi coating on them and see how many they can stand putting in their mouths at once. One day they were goofing around and thought, "hey, I wonder if the dog would eat one". Well, she did. She spit it out about 50 times first, but she ate it. And another, and another. And you thought *I* was cruel for scrubbing her mouth with a baby wipe.

6. Every squeak thing in every dog toy ever made. It's like an obsession with Trixie. Must.kill.the.squeaker. Can''s.deeeaaaaaddd! Then she eats the evidence.

7. Plastic clothes pins. Thank goodness she hasn't eaten the metal part, but the plastic part? I can't tell you how many of THOSE have been regurgitated around here.

8. Earwigs, spiders, and other such creepy crawlies. Molly? She just tosses them up in the air and then rolls all over them. But Trixie, she eats them. Yumm.

9. Paper. From used kleenex and feminine products to paper towels, receipts, and yes, money... they love to obliterate any piece of paper-like material they can find. And like the rude stinkers they are, they leave all the billions of pieces for me to pick up.

10. Toenail clippings. Trixie apparently has a taste for her sister's toenail clippings. They're like little black dots of heaven...

11. Fuzz. Tennis balls, beware! You will lose your fuzz if you come to my house.

12. Carpet. Ok, so they don't eat the carpet, but if there is anything that smells interesting in it, Trixie will lick a spot of it until it's completely flat. We call them "crop circles" because that's exactly how they look. How in the world my dog can lick perfect little crop circles into our carpet, I will never know.

13. Sand paper. See post below this one...

Strange, frustrating, comical dogs. But you gotta love 'em. No one ever said they were normal, but they do keep life interesting.

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impworks said...

Just shows dogs need a varied diet just as much as we do ;-)

Vickie said...

And I thought I had the only dogs with weird eating habits.

Starchy said...

Aw, what cute babies! So funny what they've eaten!

Lynn / vigilant20 said...

LOL 13 more reasons why I'm a cat person :)

ChelseaRae said...

Thats hilarious, I'm surprised you don't spend more time at the vet!!

I found his store, its
it's a really cool store, he has tons of packages, I hope you find something... can't wait to see more pictures of man eating spiders *shiver*.

Chris the Crazy Conservative said...
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Chris the Crazy Conservative said...

Finally the truth is revealed. It is not a hoax after all. The mystery of the crop circles has been soved!! Way to go Crystal.

Chris the Crazy Conservative said...

Strange, comical, rude, bug eating, bratty, squeaker hating, stinkie, fuzz eating, wall chewing, hot mouthed, rough tongued! Wow, what a list. An average person reading this post might think that Crystal has a couple of Cujos in her house. She doesn't. These are two of the cutest, most fun loving dogs you will ever meet. Some strange dietary habits, but cute and fun loving nonetheless! I am really glad THEY don't read this blog..... do they?

Jessica Morris said...

You are so funny Crystal! And of course your dogs are even more so!! The wall one was really funny. I'd love to see that!
And wasabi peas - YUM! I know what they are, they're quite popular in our house!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

When my cats were kittens, they were known to eat all kinds of things including popsicles and carrots. :)

Stacy said...

Yay I can read and comment now that I have a new laptop that doesn't freeze whenever I try to read your blog.
Our cat once tried to chew an electrical cord. I think he got a shock from it because he jumped about 6 feet straight up in the air.