Thursday, September 13, 2007

Do you ever get the urge...

... to eat sandpaper? No? Are you sure? Don't you think it would feel just heavenly going down?

Let me explain. For several days last week, Trixie (small, white, furry thing that eats my crumbs and licks my toes) was throwing up a couple times. This dog likes to eat anything and everything. Well, last week she decided to consume lots of pieces of plastic or rubber things that she found outside and apparently those simply do not digest well. Sooo, up they came. Honestly, I was getting concerned that perhaps she had a blockage, but her stomach was not bloated, she was eating ok, and seemed to be mostly her crazy self so we didn't take her in. She stopped after a few days and all was well.

Until one evening, that is. It was the last day she had the pukes. Dustin heard a funny noise coming from the office and he thought she was in there throwing up so he went to check it out. She wasn't throwing up. Oh no, quite the opposite really. *Slurp, slurp, slurp*

This is what he found:

You see the light area in the top left corner there? Do you care to take a guess as to why it is light? Yep, the dog LICKED OFF THE GRIT. She licked all around the thing and made the edges curl. Now this is strange and funny to begin with, but add in the fact that this isn't just normal sandpaper... it is a medium emery cloth used to polish/give texture to metals in jewelry making and it stinks. Really badly. Like the strongest paint or tar smell you can imagine. And my dog was eating this. Not only that, but we decided to look at her tongue to make sure it wasn't bleeding, you know. No red was there, but rather black. I swear the silly thing looked like a small, white, furry chow.

I have thusly declared my dog to be an idiot. A small, white, furry idiot that has a very select palate.

Sorry, I couldn't get her to smile for her fans.

Don't you all want to come to dinner?!


Laurel said...

silly dog!!!! Man I have had some dogs that have eaten some weird stuff too, and lived to talk about it!

Jessica Morris said...

Ha! It reminds me of the song from Annie "Dumb Dog...." =)