Monday, November 26, 2007

My week in fast forward

*Made lots of jewelry, but melted something that shouldn't have been melted and now have to start all over.

*Had turkey day here with the fam. Put the turkey in the roaster oven upside down. Couldn't find can of pumpkin for pumpkin bread. Discovered that I do not have the things you put under pots so you don't burn your table, a turkey baster, or a serving set (though the table isn't burned, the turkey browned, and the people were served just fine with the utensils I DO have. Life goes on.)

*Got to meet new members of the family, including new baby girl cousin. Cuuuute little thing, she is!

*Got sick, almost puked. Hovered over trash can for hour and a half. Not fun. Esp for the vegetarian pukeaphobic who hasn't been that sick in 8 years.

*Dogs ate: dead snake segment found in yard, leather finger guard (and threw it up three days later - though not the snake. Thank goodness for small favors.)

*Had lots of fun with new camera. Learned that taking pictures of inanimate shiny things is easier than taking pictures of moving, drooling things.

*Made deeeelicious pumpkin bread, but only got to eat two slices before the night of sickness. Will never eat anything EVER again.

*Discovered I do not care much for pomegranate 7-up.

*Had lots of fun while shopping cart on our website decided to stop working right IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR HUGE SALE.

*Was very thankful for understanding, patient customers who still love us despite our moody shopping cart. Was also very thankful for the tech support team that fixed moody shopping cart really quickly.

*Felt bad about not blogging for a week, so stayed up until 6am this morning reading blogs and figuring out what to say in mine.

Good night morning!


The Rock Chick said...

Good morning to you, too! Another thing we have in common---not blogging this week! Hope you are feeling better. My sister is a "pukeaphobe" too and she also got some terrible stomach virus this weekend.

It wasn't from the cooking at our house, though! I swear, I didn't touch anything--the hubby cooked it all!

Believe me, Chef Boyardee I am not, but how did you put your turkey upside down? You always make me smile!!


Jessica Morris said...

The upside down turkey made me smile too - did it cook alright?

We don't have a roasting pan, so we did roast beef in our Crockpot... then we realized we didn't have a gravy boat or anything to ladle gravy with... so we ended up using an ice cream scoop to get gravy out of a bowl! :)

Heidi @ GGIP said...

A lot of recipes actually say to cook the turkey upside down and then flip it to brown it. SO that wasn't such a big mistake after all.

I would recommend getting some trivets though!

I never want to eat again either. I didn't get sick, but so many people were trying to stuff food down my throat even though I was full, and that got really old. I am so glad to eat cereal in the morning instead of these huge spreads! I ate apples for dinner last night--that's right--just apples.

No one blogs during thanksgiving barely at all. I got only 7 hits on my site on Thursday. ;)

Have a good day.

Shannon said...

So are you going to share the pumpkin bread recipe? Please :)