Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So now it's Wednesday

And I'm still not feeling all that great. I thought I was all better, but not so much.

I have several jewelry items to make in the next couple days to fill a large order. That's fun. So long as I don't melt things again.

I've been in a horrible mood all day, so watch out! ;o) I don't know why, I'm a woman. Do I need a reason?

Something that bugs me this week: copyright infringement. I'm an artist on many fronts, and as such, I own legal rights to my intellectual and otherwise artistic property, no? I'm sure all of you respect those rights and obey the law when you read the pieces I have shared here on my blog. Now when I share something with you and give you permission to read it and perhaps own a copy (whether I give it to you freely or sell it to you) that does not give you license to do anything you want with it. Sure, you can do a lot with it... for your personal use. You can read it or listen to it all you want. You can NOT read it or listen to it all you want. You can drool over it, use it as toilet paper, or smash little bitty bug parts into it, frame it and hang it on your wall declaring it as "modern art". These are all fine (so long as my name is not removed from your "modern art", anyway). What isn't fine is making copies of my work and distributing it without my permission. What REALLY isn't fine is using my name or work or graphic or anything else that is solely my property for your financial gain.

We're all in agreement of this, no? I thought so. So then, my question is, why is it so wrong to steal from a starving artist but it suddenly becomes "okay" when the artist is rich or when the owner of that property is a large corporation? Because "it's not hurting anyone"? Wrong. It IS hurting someone. It hurts me, as an artist, because it breaks the very law that is in place to protect me. Now I'm not all about big government, in fact, I hate big government and in most places just wish it would stay the yahoo out of my life. However, the laws that are in place to protect me (and rich artists alike) I ask you (collective "you" as in every person in this country, as if more than 10 of "you" actually read this blog) to please respect.

I feel like a broken record with this topic because so many people are either ignorant or uncaring about the copyright laws. This really disturbs me, especially when these people are teaching their children that this is an okay practice. Stealing someone else's property is always a crime. Don't make it about who has more.

*Steps off soapox*


Kim said...

You go, girlfriend!! LOL

This really bothers me, too. I catch a lot of flack from co-workers because I refuse to download movies or borrow movies that have been downloaded or download music, etc. They think I'm trying to be ... I don't even know what they think I'm trying to be, but they don't like it! (It doesn't help that I'm not afraid to tell them that I think they're wrong!) The hard thing here in Canada, is it's legal to download music (I'm not sure about movies) (oh, and hubby just said that the RCMP has given up enforcing the laws for downloading for personal use, because apparently it's not worth the resources).

So yeah. It's legal here, but I still won't do it, because I still see it as stealing - which people don't get =) I just say, "Just because something's legal doesn't make it morally right." That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Wow, where'd that come from?

Anyhow, the only time I know of that I came in contact with this is with bootleg movies. What a waste.

Crystal said...

Crazy that they made it legal over there, Kim! But I think copyright laws are different when it's in another country from the one where the work is registered. Or something. At least Trademarks are like that. I'm obviously not an expert on international law. *grin*

Heidi - it's a constant topic on Etsy, and I've seen so many people brag about breaking these laws lately. From making "mix tapes" to using illegal copies of $700 software, it's just a topic that has been coming up over and over all around me.

Jessica Morris said...

I agree with you... but *sigh* I wish iTunes had sales on their music!!