Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tomorrow is a new day

Well, I was really disappointed again because the show last night was a bust. It was very, very odd. It was a very small show with very few people that showed up. It was on a military base and only open to people with base access. It was to benefit charity. It seemed like people went to talk to their clique buddies and not really to buy stuff.

Sooo, we sold one thing but passed out a lot of business cards.

But today, my mom made an appointment for a private showing for the ladies that work in her hair salon. We're doing that tomorrow afternoon, and we'll also be talking about leaving some pieces for sale on consignment! This is another new thing for us that we've talked about doing but haven't worked at yet. Well, this time we didn't have to do any of the work... her stylist brought it all up and set it all up. She called my mom before her hair appointment this morning and asked her to bring some jewelry (she was invited to the party but was out of town). My mom took some and sold a piece. She was really impressed with our pieces and our prices and that's how it all started.

Pray it goes well! (And pray my migraine goes away before then!)


Jessica Morris said...

that's a bummer!
are there any Christmas craft shows you will try to sell your items at?
Hope they sell well with the hairdresser!!

The Rock Chick said...

I definitely hope your migraine goes away and that you sell tons of pieces!!!

I agree with the other Jessica..I think you'd probably do great at craft shows!

Jessica (The Rock Chick One)

Thomas said...

I hope that migraine goes away and good luck with your sales.
My mother and sisters do jewelry. My mom has a big show this week end call The Harvest. You should defineately look into as many seasonal shows as possible. Over time you will find the ones that have a return on investment. Consignment can work out great. If you get a big enough store they can get too demanding. Keep a record of your designs. Some of them will want the same thing again.