Thursday, June 28, 2007

Picture this scenario...

... it's a hot and humid, very very windy day. My hair is up in a ponytail, but the wind and humidity have pretty much ruined any form of neatness it may have had. My cheeks are flushed from the heat, and I'm dressed in athletic shorts, a t-shirt, and old flip flops.

I went out to do two simple things: return a couple rental movies, and drop something off at my parents' house. While at their house, I remember I need to go to Lowe's to get some paint cards and bug killer and I also realize that I need to buy a wedding gift for my cousin, to send along with my parents tomorrow when they go out of state.

So, I go by Lowe's and head over to Bed, Bath, & Beyond where my cousin and his fiance are registered. When I get nervous, I get fidgety with my hands and have to keep them busy playing with something, like a hair band or a clean tissue or... my keys while I'm driving. Now, this is not normally a problem, but it just so happens that a very sweet and thoughtful person gave me a cute, little miniature pen on a hook thing and I hooked it onto my key chain. The traffic is making me anxious, so I nervously play with my keys hanging from the ignition.

Apparently in playing with the keys, I turn the pen on (you twist it) and when I arrive at the store and get out, what do I see? Due to the force of the car moving, the pen had written all over my leg, under my knee! Not just a few strokes either... A LOT. I roll my eyes at myself and go inside.

As I walk in, there is a girl probably a few years younger than me dressed very nicely with perfect hair walking out. She looks at my flushed face surrounded by my messy hair, then looks down at my leg and back up at my face again with a look that is saying, "WHY did they let this person out of her padded cell?!" Now, a few years ago I probably would have been MORTIFIED at this, but today I think it is absolutely hilarious.

I go to the bathroom to wash it off, buy the gift, and drive home. I get out of the car, look down, and I had done it again.

Why DID they let this person out of her padded cell?? *giggle*


The Rock Chick said...

This is really funny! I'm sure I've had a similar moment I've just blocked it from my memory :)


Heidi @ GGIP said...

That is a funny story.. I'm sure much worse things have happened to me. But like your other commenter, I probably blocked them from my memory:)