Friday, October 26, 2007

It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to

But I really don't want to. Bloggy friends, this boring bloggy belle needs your help! Our party is two weeks away, and our guests are expecting food, fun, and fabulous jewelry. We have the food and fab jewelry down, but the fun? We're kind of at a loss. Help! A few people are coming just because it "sounds fun". AAHHH!!!

I know some of you are really good at parties and fun stuff, so give me some suggestions, people. *grin* Or else we may resort to playing pin the diamond on the ring. And that's just scary... very, very scary. I want our guests to actually like us, you know.


Jessica Morris said...

I swear - I have been reading every single post of yours... I just have not been commenting... I know, like the worst thing a blogger can do to a bloggy friend... but anyways, hopefully that no commenting strike is over. I am working hard at staying on top of blogging again!!

Party ideas... maybe you could give away a piece of jewelry? Or do a demonstration on a piece? Maybe not a "so you can do it at home" demonstration but more a "look how skilled and cool I am to work with power tools' type thing... hehe, minus the arrogant tone ;)
I think women generally just love to get together and talk... that in and of itself would be fun - but you've got pieces for them to look at AND food... my goodness, just make sure there is chocolate and it will be the most awesome party ever!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I'm trying to remember the kind of games people play at the other parties i've been to (tupperware, etc). Maybe you could have people share what their favorite piece of jewelry is or what the first piece of jewelry was that they got as a gift or something?

There is also that game where you have everyone stand up and then you read a list of things and the people have to sit down if the statement is true.

I don't have my ears pierced
I don't have a jewelry box
I wear jewelry everyday
(or whatever)

and then whoever is left standing at the end gets a prize?? Does that make sense?

Or you could show some of your jewelry making supplies and make people guess what they all are for, and then the person who guessed the most right wins a prize??????

Sandy said...

check out this website. It has TONS of fun games for all kinds of parties. I doubt there'd be games specifically for jewelry parties, but you could always pick out some games and alter them a bit to suit your needs. I wish I could come LOL. How far away are you? Hmmm...

Crystal said...

Whew, sorry for that, umm, mess. I have no idea what's going on. I guess someone's account is being hacked.

Anyway! Sandy, I'm not even sure where you live. You're not in Texas are you?

Sandy said...

no. I'm in upstate NY LOL Not close enough for a commute I guess. >:( Bummer...sounds like tons of fun.
Hope you find some good games. Will you post and let us know what games you decide on?

Shannon said...

You could have a drawing for a free piece of jewelry. Maybe if someone brings a friend they could get to pick something free? We did that at our pampered chef party. I think you should do a demo too, like someone already mentioned. Don't worry about doing too much; people will have fun if there's food and things to look at :)