Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What Would Your Lifeform Do?

So, I have this dilemma now. As I mentioned yesterday, things aren't exactly centered in my bathroom in a way that makes sense to, you know, a human. It might make sense to some other lifeform, but to mine? Not so much. The lighting I guess is sort of centered to the sink, but not perfectly. I think the builders were high on paint fumes (much like I am now) when they installed the box thing. Seriously, I think I must have picked the stinkiest brand of paint ever. I won't mention which brand it is... Martha Stewart... because I am ashamed.

The paint, apparently, in semi-gloss looks different than it does on the card. Apparently this is also a disclaimer on the back of the card. So, my lovely gray-purple color turned out more like purple-purple, which is ok. It's a pretty color, just not exactly what I was expecting. I like it, but I don't know about future potential buyers. I don't want to paint it again. I spent almost four hours in there today and I still need to do a second coat!

So, help me make a plan here. I have a rectangular mirror with a thick dark brown frame that I need to hang. Should I center it with the lighting, and hang it with the long sides going vertically and maybe put a candle sconce on the right side to "even" it out between the cabinet and wall? Or should I hang it with the long sides going horizontally so it's not as obvious? Or should I center it to the wall and let my OCD drive me insane for as long as we continue to live in this house?

Here's a photo. Sorry it's not good... I'm tired (and a little woozy still from the fumes... Martha, if you're reading this, make your paint less stinky PLEASE - I can smell it all the way on the other side of the house). Please ignore the lighting which is missing two glass things. I took them down so I'd have an easier time painting, but the third one was fighting with me, so I just left it. In case you're wondering, the hole on the left side is where the medicine cabinet goes. I took it down. Why? I don't know. Blame Martha. Actually, I'm going to paint it and I thought maybe perhaps it would be easier to paint while off the wall, but I'm not sure that makes sense to my lifeform.

What color should I paint the cabinets? They need it for sure. I'd rather stain them, but they're not entirely made of solid wood, so I can't. I'd replace them, but don't have the time right now. I was planning on painting them cream, as well as the trim, but Dustin suggested brown to match the mirror frame. I'm not sure how that would look. I'd like dark brown if I were staining them, but not so sure about the paint.

So what would you do (aside from just moving to a house that was built by, you know, humans).

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The Rock Chick said...

That is really odd placement of that light! Wow. I think if I were you I would even it out with something, like the candle you suggested or even some kind of longer but very thin picture or something.

I agree with you about the cabinets...dark stain is beautiful but brown paint is very heavy looking. If you're painting them, I'd go lighter---maybe like a light cocoa color? I like that combo with purples...