Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just Stuff

Guess what. I didn't bruise at all. For a girl that bruises extremely easily, this is a miracle. I mean, I hit my face HARD. I almost always have a bruise or five on my legs from whacking them on things as I walk down the hall or step over the dog gate or something (and don't hit them half as hard as I hit my face) and yet the face didn't bruise. The body is a strange thing. It just swelled a little and was sore for a few days. It's just a bit sore now, but at least I can rub it without wanting to scream. *grin*

I don't think there's any way I could have hit my eye. I wear my glasses all the time when I work because I can see better with them close up than I can with my contacts, and, well, I hate my contacts. They dry out too fast and drive me nuts. I've already tried two brands. I haven't decided if its worth trying another. I'm *always* careful when I work with the dangerous tools - like the saws (especially the flex shaft, which could quite literally cut a limb off) but pliers? It's not like you really consider the possibility of stabbing your face with pliers. I mean, who does that?!

My toe hurts though. My little toe on my left foot (just thought the visual would be interesting). It feels like it was smashed with a hammer, but I don't recall that happening so I have no idea what is wrong with it. I must have banged it on something because it is quite mad at me. Poor mad little toe.

Over the weekend, we started to work on our hall bath. We (read: my dad) replaced the faucet and we (read: I tried it all by myself but Dustin ended up doing it anyway) replaced the lighting. Then I (read: again, tried myself but Dustin ended up finishing it) replaced the toilet paper holder. Now everything is a lovely brushed nickel finish. Ahh, I love brushed nickel. Only, I'm a bit unhappy because, umm, the lighting box wasn't really centered with anything. How dumb is that? It's not centered perfectly over the sink and it's not centered perfectly between the wall and the cabinet. Huh? So now when I hang the new mirror, I get the lovely job of finding out how to place it without making the whole room look dumb. I swear, as much as I like my house, I will never buy another home designed by this builder again! Lots of strange things. Lots. The room is also taped off, ready for me to paint it today. Yay. Have I mentioned how much I hate painting? I decided I'm going to also do the trim and probably the cabinets too. Someone come help me!

I'm having a hard night. The stress of the upcoming stuff along with other stuff we're going through is wearing me out and I'm stressed and depressed and probably every other -ressed you can think of. Prayers would be appreciated.

I'll leave you with a piece I made the other night in preparation for the party. It won't be available on the website until after the party (provided it doesn't sell) but I thought you'd like to see it anyway. But of course, if you really want it, you might be able to pull my leg. *grin*

It's made with one of my favorite gemstones - blue crazy lace agate. The color is sooo pretty. It's a 2-in-1 chain made with hand sawed and woven rings. It's one of my favorite weaves even though it's so simple. It's just classy looking, I think. The clasp is also hand made. If the bracelet wasn't too long for me, I'd probably keep it. *grin*

Click for larger pictures.

And one more piece (this one made by Momma Belle) with my other favorite gemstone, smoky quartz. These stones are SO pretty and their clarity is so nice. It's hard to find good gemstones with perfect clarity without having to pay a fortune, but with smoky quartz it's possible. *grin* Plus, the color just goes with almost anything. Pretty, pretty! I hope this one sells at the party or show because it deserves a lovely model.

So do you have a favorite gemstone?


Heidi @ GGIP said...

Lovely pieces!

Sorry you are feeling down. I hope you feel better as you accomplish some things, which I'm sure you do every day if you think about it.

Shannon said...

Sorry you got hurt! If you bruise easily like me, get yourself some arnica. It's amazing! I wish I could come help you paint.