Monday, April 07, 2008

The curse has been lifted

The curse of the kitchen disasters, you know. It left as suddenly as it came, leaving behind a veritable feast of yummiliciousness (oooh, Crystal made up a word!).

I'm not sure why it decided to visit my home, nor do I know why it chose to go, but let me tell you I am sure glad that it did. Perhaps it left with my cold, or perhaps my little emo dog chased it away with her sad, sad eyes. Or maybe... just maybe... it was banished into the night with the arrival of the newest member of our household.

Meet my new favorite family member, Miss KitchenAid Mixer.

Aint she a beaut? Her baby sister, Li'l Immersion Blender is sitting next to her. I've been wanting to welcome Miss Mixer into my home for quite some time now and after months and months of agonizing over the decision I went for it. I bought the souped up model with the all metal gears and the huge bowl and the powerful motor. This baby has some power, people. I was originally not going to spring for that one, but I found it for a crazy low price and with a rebate to boot and I carefully measured the tiny spot on my counter to make sure it would fit... and, well, obviously it does. Barely. *grin*

When I ordered her, I had visions of bread loaves and cookies and brownies dancing in my head. I'm hopefully going to be a mom someday, and moms bake, you know. They do not, however, kill off half of their state by making nu-cu-ler pastries. But I have these grand dreams of me and Miss Mixer creating all sorts of yummilicious items full of genetically-modified-wheat and white sugar and pounds and pounds of luscious butter. Someone's gotta fatten me up (seriously... lost toooo much weight this winter!). Do you think she's up to the task?

I'm thinking of buying her a few friends to play with. Mr. Grain Mill and Mrs. Pasta Maker. Maaaaaybe if my husband is nice enough to me, I'll consider having his buddy, Mr. Ice Cream Maker Dude, over for a few meals. But for now, it's just me and Miss Mixer. But oh, what a wonderful pair we are.

We have already made pizza (with a chickpea crust):

And peanut butter cookies.... MMmmmmm!

That was Saturday. Sunday she really got a workout by mixing up some yummy doughy, yeasty goodness.

Oh yes. Bread. FRESH bread. Like, two loaves of BREAD. Made with yeast and white flour and white sugar. Kneaded and risen to perfection. *happy sigh* Can you even believe it?!


See? The first loaf is already half gone.

I can definitely say that Miss Mixer was broken into quite nicely this weekend. And my mind is going nuts trying to decide what to bake next! You know you like your new mixer when you look at the huge batch of cookies on the table and find yourself wanting to binge on them just so that you will have a good excuse to make brownies.

Who has issues? Not me. I just have a yummiliciousness-inducing new toy. Oh, and the absence of the kitchen curse, of course.


Dustin said...

Oh no! I recognized a Paula Dean reference! Even if it wasn't intentional...right.

You know...knowing that the crust was a chickpea crust MIGHT have explained the texture! I need to KNOW these things.

Good bread...good cookies...Good Eats!

Ok, seriously...I need to stay away from the Food Network...

Heidi @ GGIP said...

That is definitely a purchase you won't regret! Yay for you!

All those things look yummy.

I have the meat grinder attachment (I don't use it for meat at all, believe it or not) and I want some of the others but they are so expensive too!!!

Have fun!


Cyn said...

Oh, my dear, I could have sent you mine (it's white, though). I never ever use it for anything I couldn't just as easy use a hand mixer. We even have a slicer/ grater for the front, and hubby bought (yes) a sausage stuffer for it. We got it back in the day when it was a status symbol in our circle to have one, and that's just how shallow we were. Now it just takes up precious counter space, but frankly it's too heavy to move.

Your bakes look delish!

Chelsea Rae said...

Oh I am jealous!!! You are so lucky! I have been wishing for one of those only forever! Lucky girl!

Stacy said...

Yay for a fun mixer! May it make you lots of yummy goodies. I have to say I'm a wee bit sad you didn't go with a Bosch though.

Bethany said...

I am DROOLING after looking at all of those yummy food pics!! Off to lunch now...

Erin said...

Oooo...I am envious...a Kitchen Aid mixer, I WILL have one one day.... Glad your kitchen curse has been lifted.

Cindy Swanson said...

Wow! Everything Miss Mixer has made looks positively...well, yummilicious! In fact, I'm feeling really hungry right now. :)

Chris the Crazy Conservative said...

Cookies? You made COOKIES??!!!! Sure, you offer me a paper thin slice of your delicious bread (and it truly WAS delicious) but you must have had the cookies hidden!!!! And that was AFTER I spent HOURS at the grocery store looking for all your obscure grocery items like Breakstone Cottage Cheese (who ever heard of that, I ask you) and HEB "Lightly Salted Peanuts" (that one alone took 10 minutes to find). And even THAT was after spending who knows how much time (OK, it was only a half hour or so) sweating in the garden, getting my hands dirty (OK, I LIKE getting my hands dirty) trying to make the tomato plants happy!!!!!
And still no cookies!!! What does a dad have to do?

apprenticehawker said...

Was it your birthday?

The Rock Chick said...

You're so funny! Well, this mom doesn't bake unless it's a box of brownie mix (that counts, right?) but as you know, my hubby considers himself an amateur chef and he does do some baking, too. Mostly breads.

We have the same mixer, but it green! Hubby loves it and he even bought some other attachments to make sausages or whatever with it, I don't know. He also uses his immersion mixer a lot when he makes soups and sauces!!

Your pizza looks divine!!! I'd love a slice!~