Thursday, April 17, 2008

Shagadelic, baby

Have you ever wondered what a shagadelic bracelet would look like? Well, here you go. This bracelet is so hot, in fact, that it burned a hole in my shorts. Literally. Yes, it's never a good idea to drop red hot metal on nylon-y athletic shorts. I'm thinking it's not a good idea to wear nylon-y athletic shorts while working at the torch. But the nylon-y athletic shorts did save my leg from what could have been a nasty burn. I'm always really, really careful at the torch (I promise - I'm uber-paranoid about my scary stuff like torches and saws), but even being careful, accidents can happen. The tweezers slipped and I don't know how red hot silver ended up on my lap, but it did. My next trip to Lowe's, I think I'll be buying some kind of protective apron. These were my one and only pair of leg saving nylon-y athletic shorts, so next time I'm just out of luck.

But anyway... back to the super hot shagadelic bracelet. This is a chain maille bracelet made with a weave titled "shaggy loops" or "flip flop". I'm in love with this weave. It worked up so fast and is just plain cool. When it's hanging straight down (like it would in earrings), it looks very linear. But when it's laying flat, like on your wrist or neck... it gets all funky. The rings flop around in a most delightful manner.


This one is made with sterling silver, copper, and red brass wire that I coiled and cut into these little bitty rings. I made the toggle clasp too, from sterling silver sheet and copper I made into the little accent balls. I might just name it the toggle clasp of death. It killed my shorts, you know.

I haven't worked any maille in quite a while and I missed it! It's so satisfying. Heck, any metal work is something I find satisfying. I broke out the metal clay today and wanted to scream had a blast. I really, really love working with metal.

I've decided I need a bracelet like this all in silver. I don't wear many bracelets, but if I make myself one of these, I think I may never take it off.

Enjoy. :)


The Rock Chick said...

Oh, that is VERY cool! The bracelet, not burning yourself....

My mom would love this! I'm not much of a bracelet person, they bother me for some reason, but I'm going to show this one to my mom.

Hope your ouchie is better! That HAD to hurt!

Bethany said...

Lovely!!! I like the colors and the weave design. You are so creative!

Crystal said...

It actually never touched my skin. I picked it back up with the tweezers before it fell through.

So no ouchie! :) I really got lucky on that one.

Thank you two. :)

Heidi @ GGIP said...

That is a really nifty bracelet!

Jessica Morris said...

That is really cool :)
It's weird that 'the other Jessica' doesn't really wear bracelets... neither do I. The similarities between us scare me some days.
Like us ordering the same necklace.
Weird stuff.

Anyway, this bracelet is really pretty!!

And about meat pies... have you not had pot pie?! That's meat! But French Meat Pie is way better... it's SO good. You must try it :)

Anonymous said...

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