Saturday, April 26, 2008

Toxic Sludge

It's always so much fun to get a box of jewelry making supplies in the mail. I just adore a box full of silver! Though with silver prices these days, a $200 order comes in a tiiiiny box. *sigh* It's not so fun, however, when you pull out one item meant to oxidize certain metals and start reading the label and see...

"Caution: Acidic solution. Use Eye protection. Toxic if taken internally."

... and that's all. No instructions on how to handle it or what to do if it gets on your skin (I mean, will it melt it or cause third degree burns?).
No ingredients list.
No manufacturer's name.

Toxic sludge with no identification or real instructions.


Google got me nowhere. Shame on you, Google. You've done me so good until now, but now you've done me wrong. Wrong, I say! I shall pour a thousand bottles of toxic sludge over you and liquefy your skin. (Again, don't you just love my blog?)

Just as I was about to find an online supplier for hazmat suits (because, I mean, who couldn't use a hazmat suit? Especially the clumsy and the dog poo catchers among us... thank goodness we are clumsy and dog poo catchers but not clumsy dog poo catchers. That could be interesting. Though we are clumsy dog pee catchers, but that's another story for another day...) I decided to call the retailer of this product. They were little help. They didn't know what its ingredients are and didn't say how to safely dispose of it if necessary. "You can prolly just flush it down the toilet..."

Ooooor prolly not. Contaminated toxic earth, much?

I did finally find out that if it somehow happens to sneak up under my hazmat suit and touch my skin, at least my skin will not turn into goo. "It's not like hydrochloric acid or anything..."

It will just turn it black. I already have black thumbs, so no biggie there.

Apparently this product is no big whoop. "I mean, you don't want to eat it or anything. That would be bad..."

Perhaps I'm just paranoid. But the words caution, acidic, eye protection, and toxic just sort of do that to a poo catching clumsy person, you know?

Oh, the lengths I go to make shiny pretty things. Got a hazmat suit? Anyone? Anyone?


Heidi @ GGIP said...

The disposable Hazmat suits are really expensive. Like $100 each or something. What is the product called? You should probably have rubber gloves to use it with and eye protection and use it in a well ventilated area.

The company that sold it to you is required by law to have an MSDS for it that they can provide you when asked.

The Rock Chick said...

No, I don't have a hazmat suit but I was in the market for one this week, too, after my car got stinky. Maybe they will give us a discount?

You can prolly just flush it down the toilet? LOL I guess it probably wouldn't matter after the recent news of all the prescription drugs found in our tap water. Here in Chicago, we have DEET in the water! I guess a few earrings won't matter!


Nicole said...

Yikes! Can you say dumb dumb dumb dumb DUMB!!!! What a not-so-smart company. I wouldn't want my skin to turn to goo... Or my eyes to burn out from the fumes or whatever that crazy stuff is supposed to do.

Oh, and being clumsy and having 2 dogs that doo is not a good thing. I was just outside cleaning dog doo after the snow melted. We don't have grass... just mud. I slowly slid away from the house while trying not to fall... and wearing sandals that were filling up slowly with sludgy slimey mud. I do not recommend cleaning dog doo right after the snow melts. But its not like you get snow anyways...

But maybe one day... So now you are warned!

Thursday's Child said...

Such a reliable company! Am I correct in assuming you won't be ordering from them again anytime soon? LOL

Crystal said...

Actually, it's my favorite supplier and I'm a very faithful customer. lol Their prices on silver are the best around and their customer service is usually top-notch. That particular person just didn't know what she was talking about. :)

I got more information from someone more knowledgeable later on.