Tuesday, April 08, 2008

New Life

We have this tree in the back yard. It's a little thing that was here when we bought the house. Our home is only 6 years old, so the tree is still an itty bitty, though it has grown a lot in the two years we've lived here.

Our first winter here, we thought it had died. It shed everything it had and we were left with just a lone, tall stick poking up from the ground. Our baby oak tree in the front did not do this, but this stick in the back we were sad to see die. Come spring, the silly thing started growing and getting leaves and such again. It didn't die, it just went into hibernation. *giggle*

It did the same thing this winter, but at least we knew what to expect this time. Now it's starting to put on some green again. I have no idea what kind of tree it is, but it's a funny little thing. In another month, it will be completely FULL of lovely green leaves.

Oh, and look. A beeeeeby squash! Too cute to eat.


Cindy Swanson said...

Hi Crystal! thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Tell your hubby not to give up on radio! A lot of the people I've worked with in radio started out as volunteers. I have an e-mail I send to people who ask me how to get into voice-over work--I'll send it to him if you'd like me to. He's already one step ahead of most people who ask me about it, because he's already in radio! By the way, I could NEVER be an IT person, so I admire people with that knowledge.

Stacy said...

Cute tree- I SO don't have a green thumb.
LOL- it helps that you considered the bosch. I'm biased is all. :)

Chris the Crazy Conservative said...

Those are some really nice photos Crystal. I particularly like what you are doing with the apeture setting, bluring the background and leading the eyes to sharply focused leaves. These are really nice, especially the one of the tree with the sky in the backgound.

Bethany said...

I can relate!! We bought our house in February. It's been so much fun watching things in our yard sprout and flower, and finding out what color the blooms are on the trees, etc. It's a new surprise every day.

The Rock Chick said...

I don't know what kind of tree that is, but unless it's an undesired weed that just flourishes on it's own, I can't seem to grow anything.

I love the pics you took, though! I'm waiting for it to get warmer and stop snowing and/or raining so I can get out and fool around with my camera!