Thursday, July 24, 2008

All my bags are packed...

Well, I suppose it's jewelry more than bags.

It was a pretty decent day in jewelry land. This is a good thing, since I've made the decision to use some profits from my jewelry and jewelry supply sales (I have an Etsy shop that is strictly jewelry supplies, mostly handmade by moi) to knock things off my "Crystal Needs Likes New Toys" list. On this list, you will find at least four camera lenses, a kiln, and a rolling mill. People, that's the short list. *grin*

I've had lots of decent days in jewelry land lately, which enabled me to knock the first item off my list... a 50mm 1.8 prime lens! Wooo! I'm so excited. The lovely Chelsea helped me pick it out after I deliberated over its purchase for years. Ok, I suppose it was days more than years, but it was long enough for me to pick up on some cool photog lingo. Like "prime lens". Oooh. Doesn't that sound important? And my new favorite word: "bokeh". Aaaaah. Bokeh. Now that's just the funkiest way you could ever say "blurry". I dare you to figure out a funkier way. Go on. Try. You won't succeed.

I also dare you to work that word into at least one conversation this weekend. Go on. Do it. And report back to me on Monday. I want to hear about the strange looks you get.

My new funky bokeh-inducing prime lens is currently on a UPS truck just a few hours away, and my patience is getting seriously bokeh-fied.

The tracking information doesn't say what the delivery date is, which should be illegal. 'Scuse me, but a girl orders a lens and a girl needs to know when said lens will be here because UPS has the nasty habit of leaving boxes of expensive goods on my doorstep whether I'm home or not. I've had things stolen this way. This is not a good thing for a girl who orders massive quantities of precious metals and gemstones, especially in this market!

So now UPS is PageRanking its big bokeh butt right alongside Google
at a 10/10 on my "Crystal's Most Hated" list. If my lens goes missing because I don't know when to expect its delivery, I just might go postal (which, in my opinion, everyone should since despite all of its frustrating issues, at least the USPS won't leave an expensive package unattended on my doorstep).

But anyway, now that I'm all packed up and ready to go, I'll wish you all a good night. Errrr, morning. There's nothing like waking up all bokeh-eyed to an email box notifying you of little steps closer to knocking off the next item on your list. Hopefully tomorrow... errrr, today... will be one of those days.


Jeanie said...


Congratulations on the new mac daddy lens! Woooo! (Notice there's no T in Woooo -- that is purposeful for you.)

Thanks to Chelsea, too, for helping you pick out your new bosco lens.

Jeanie (Obviously I am feeling commenty on your blog today.)

Bethany said...

I expect to see lots and lots of new pictures on your blog once you get your sweet new lens!!!

Stacy said...

Ooh..I'm excited vicariously for you!
I don't remember if it was UPS or USPS, but my mom shipped me a large box of Swarovski crystal figurines once and it got left on our doorstep in the middle of the day!! She had paid extra for them to require a signature, too. Fortunately no one decided to help themselves to a box of very expensive crystal.

Chelsea Rae said...

Crystal you are too funny!! I am so excited you are getting the 1.8 AND have included bokeh in your vocabulary! It really is the greatest word ever. I can't wait to see what you do with the lens!

Jessica Morris said...

Bokeh totally makes me think of "broke" with a southern accent and a Canadian "eh" added to the end.

That is what I read all the way through.

I am jealous. And happy for you. But mainly jealous.

Which camera do you have again? I am starting to save for a nicer one. Do you and Chelsea have the same one?

Stacy said...

How do you pronounce bookeh?
I gave you an award on my blog- come check it out!

The Rock Chick said...

Is one of those packages for me????????

I love my digital camera. I have a Kodak Easy Share but it doesn't allow for different lenses. Someday I will get one that will!

Crystal said...

Jessica/PB - It's the same one as Chelsea. Can you believe that? I can't. Her photos are light years ahead of mine! Canon Digital Rebel XTi. They have a newer version out already, but I've not heard spectacular things about it so far.

Stacy - I *think* it's like boke-eh. :)

Jessica/RC - Yes!! Yes it is!! In fact, I think yours is the fattest one. Aren't you thrilled? *grin*