Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dog in a bandana

Tell me, what could be more cute?

Not much, bloggy friends. Not much.


Dee said...

I just realised that stumbling upon a new blog is kinda like walking in, right in the middle of a movie... no, make that a soap.

Why's the dog wearing a bandana? What's with the needles (hope she's okay)? He played the bells, OMG?
And then what happens?

Guess I'll be tuning in tomorrow. Finally something worthwhile on Blog Upp, wish I could say the same about the telly.

The Rock Chick said...

Not much indeed!!! I love bandanas on doggies :)

Shannon said...

You could put that cute dog in a sling, that might be even cuter.

Actually, I think wearing dogs/cats in slings is a bit weird, but whatever floats your boat :)

Nicole said...

Yep, your little dog is cute! I want to get bandanas for my dogs, but just never have yet. They do have a brown leather spiked collar though :P It was Walter's collar, but fits Ellie-Mae. I need to get her a pink leather spikey one, but she won't be allowed to wear it until she is an adult doggy with a little bit less energy... like that is ever going to happen right?

Haha if you ever come over I will buy you 2 new pillows lol! I always have to wash the blankets, sheets and pillow cases on that spare bed before company comes over. Kind of a pain, but oh well! Better than dog butt smell :P

By the way, Lorne wanted me to ask you something. His brother and his brother's girlfriend just bought a place in Victoria, Texas(they get possession at the end of this month). Lorne wants to buy his brother something that is authentically Texan for his brother's birthday this month. He doesn't want to buy anything to do with a BBQ so he asked me to ask you what is authentically Texan.

If you do write to me on my blog to let me know I will be deleting it since my brother in law and his girlfriend have the link to my blog and I won't want them reading that. I will however let you know I did get your message

TADA!!!! (I just felt like writing that)

And now I go...

Jen said...

Aww so cute!

Nicole said...

LOL! Yep, I sure miss chatting with you! You could always make me laugh! Don't worry... I won't post those 2 comments ;o)

Oh cool! So if we ever go visit his brother (which we really want to do... I just have to get over my fear of being stuck in a plane for a few hours) then I will have to come bug you! :P Mwuahahahaha!

I guess we will just look online to see what is authentically Texan then lol! Thanks anyways!

And again... thanks for the laugh! You da best!

sheasy said...

Maybe TWO dogs in bandanas? Very adorable!

Carol said...

I have a dog that looks EXACTLY like that. What kind of dog is yours?

Crystal said...

Molly is a miniature schnauzer mix. We adopted her from an animal shelter. She's a tiny little thing, but oh so cute and the sweetest pup you'd ever meet. :)