Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Construction Zone

That's where I'm living right now. A couple weeks ago, we tore the carpet out of our house in preparation for the new flooring we have been talking about laying for two years. That was nasty, people. Nasty. Now let me say that I try to vacuum well, but underneath the carpet and carpet padding was dirt and dirt and dirt. Oh, and a little more dirt with some dirt on top. NASTY. No wonder my allergies hate me. After seeing what lies beneath, I will never ever ever willingly live with carpet again. Nasty, nasty stuff that carpet. So we have been living on concrete since then... until this week.

Saturday, we (my dad and I) started laying the flooring and we've been working at it ever since. I'm tired, people. TIRED. It's hard work. It also has a steep learning curve.

I'm sore. My legs are sooo bruised. But my floor looks purdy. The part that has been completed, anyway. We've done the living room and part of the hall and still have the rest of the hall and three bedrooms to go.

Here's a sneak peak:

No, Jessica, the green isn't part of the decor. I know you're disappointed. (But you will be happy to know that we're using lots of tape. RED tape this time.)

In other news, I drove my baby SUV to Lowe's all by myself. I even parked it quite nicely (waaaaay in the back, far far from civilization). I deserve a friggin' award!


Bethany said...

I've always been a carpet-lover. Then we bought a house with mostly laminate and tile. Now I know what I was missing!! Love it. I can't wait to see yours all finished!!!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

WE put down pergo a few years ago in one room and a hall. It's not easy.

have fun!

Jeanie said...

Hello, dust bunnies, but goodbye carpet!

Woot, Crys!

Jessica Morris said...

:) You know me too well. lol

I can't wait to see it finished!!

Nicole said...

We are hoping it is affordable to have laminate flooring instead of carpet in our new place. Carpet is gross and with my allergies/asthma I think it would be a lot better to not have carpet anymore.

Can't wait to see pics when it is all finished!

Sandra Ree said...

Allergies, that's why we pulled up our carpet...wood and stone floors are the best!