Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #7

Thirteen Things I Thought I'd Never Do

1. Deal with infertility and the heartache it brings month after month after month.

2. Have two root canals, 1 crown, and 4 fillings in less than one year.

3. Pick poop out of a dog's mouth. Daily. For over a year.

4. Willingly have a third dog in my home for more than a day! (Though he's probably leaving this week.)

5. Be more concerned about health and healthy eating than how good my food tastes.

6. Become a religious flosser.

7. Turn in well over 30 songs and poems all at once to the US Copyright Office.

8. Marry a policeman, fireman, or soldier. I married the latter and am so glad I did. ;o)

9. Start my own business... twice! (And do my own taxes... yikes!)

10. Count down the days until it's time to release bodily fluid onto a little tiny stick (and have to set up a reminder in Outlook with a "DING!" to do it!)

11. Be out of church for so long.

12. Become a forum addict and blog stalker.

13. Feel so sad and empty with no end in sight.

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Jeanie said...

Sorry about your #13. :o(

I laughed about the poop one, though. Laughed in a very gross, 'I'm so glad that's not me' kind of way.


Chelle said...

Great list! Don't we all have things that we thought we would "never" do?

HighlandAmy said...

Hi - found you on Thursday 13 :)

I feel you on that blog stalker thing! There are about TEN blogs I read daily! I just can't get enough LOL

AnnaMary said...

I never thought I'd be a religious flosser either! haha Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

You left such a cute comment on my blog about being a gem that I had to stop by. Your TT makes me want to learn more about you. I'm so sorry you feel sad and empty. I've suffered from clinical depression on and off throughout my adult life. Therapy and anti-depressants have helped. You might try either or both of those, if you haven't already.

baggage said...

I'm so sorry you have to deal with infertility. I hope that you have found the huge community of infertile bloggers...Might help.

Let me know if you need some blog suggestions :)

DK said...

You have really had a year! Lots of ups and downs, punctuated with dog poop! Isn't that the way it goes? You are not alone, girl. Relax. Find a church. Make some more bloggy friends. And give yourself some time. This will ALL work out...

Anni said...

So sorry that you have to deal with 1 & 10. Acceptance will come, it just takes time. Been there, done that, survived. Some days, that's the most that you can ask for.

Try to find something else to occupy some of your time. Infertility can become an obsession, and it's terribly hard to not let it become your identity. Don't forget that there really is life beyond thermometers and test strips.

Best of luck to you.

Mitch said...


My Prayers are with you. #11 and #13 can go hand in hand.

Your Brother in the Word


Caryle said...

I'm in my early thirties and have never tried to have children. Sometimes I worry that when I finally do try to have a child that I won't be able to get pregnant. I hope your journey leads you to the child you're hoping to have.

Thanks for stopping by last week. I'm so sorry, I'm just now catching up with some of my later visitors.

Angela Giles Klocke said...

It's really "funny" what life throws at us, but my how it grows us. (Meet & Greet TT)

Jill said...

It's fun to be a blog stalker if the other one plays along!!!

Ann said...

I understand your thoughts on infertility. There was a time when we were lower then low. I know how you're feeling. I hope you find some answers soon.

The Rock Chick said...

Policemen, Firemen and Soldiers are very special people and it takes equally special people to be married to them :) I'm sorry you feel so sad. You are grieving right now and it will get better. Promise.

Keep your chin up, blog stalking and by all means, keep flossing! :) Happy TT- Jessica

amy said...

We have some things in common..I used to use this template. I never thought I would be out of church and I never thought I would have to struggle with infertility!~ Hey, I was the only one who liked babies on my family..That leads me to I never thought I would be adopting a baby from China!

Kathy said...

Visited your site today as part of the TT. I will pray for you.

Lady G~ said...

Great list. My Knight and I were married for five years before we were able to have our first baby. We are now blessed with five. (Even though the docs told me no more after my second).

Praying that God comfort you and shower you with his peace.

Dragonheart said...

Sorry to read about #13 and #1. My mom has endometriosis, so she knows a lot of women who deal with infertility. My dad is a soldier (officer in the Canadian Forces) and he loves his job and my mom loves him very much.

I hope you start feeling better soon.

KarenW said...

I married a cop. No one saw that coming, especially me! God bless! "Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you." 1 Peter 5:7

Anne said...

Great List! We dealt with IF for 10 years and it really sucks! If effected every part of my life, leaving me feeling empty and hopeless, too. I pray you find comfort and strength, and that you find friends who are sensitive and 'get it'.