Friday, February 16, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #9

Thirteen acronyms that prove I spend waaaay too much time researching this whole baby thing! Are you a "want a baby NOW addict"? Do you know the baby bug lingo?

1. TTC

2. BD

3. CD

4. DPO

5. BFN

6. BFP

7. LP


9. AF

10. OPK

11. LH

12. HPT

13. FSH

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Angela Giles Klocke said...

I think I only know the first one, but then again, I'm not actively trying to have children. (((HUGS)))

Dangerously Simple said...

LOL this was a fun list. I was only TTCing for a short while, but I know a few of them.

1. TTC- Trying to Conceive
5. BFN- Big Fat Negative
6. BFP- Big Fat Positive
8. POAS- Pee On a Stick (LOL)
9. AF- Aunt Flow
12. HPT- Home Pregnancy Test

I have NO IDEA what the other ones were.

Good luck on your TTC, it gets rough month after month. We used the Cervical Mucous Method, and it really helped. Feel free to email me if you need help finding some info on it ;)

Happy T13 (and TTC LOL)

Christine said...

Hello Crystal: Thanks for stopping by. I am only familiar with a couple of these. My husband and I tracked my morning temperature for about 6 months to see when I was ovulating. We are blessed with an active 18 mos old toddler. Good luck TTC.

Turnbaby said...

YOu can tell I never went down this road--I didn't know one! Good luck on your quest and thanks for coming by my TT.

Anonymous said...

I know #'s 1, 5, and 6 because I've seen them around the net, but I didn't know the others. Best of luck to you and hubby, and thanks for stopping by my TT!

Happy weekend to you! :)

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Oh, dear, I have no idea. With three monsters, though, I wish you all the best in your baby addiction! Happy TT and thanks for stopping by. Joely

A. said...

Hmm...I knew every one of them, so I guess I have the bug as bad as you! :-( After trying well over a year, I better know them all.

((((Hugs)))) I know the pain. I'm still experiencing it with you.

Red said... idea you know....but I might have to do some research to make sure I am hyperweb savvy!

Darla said...

LOL! This was much harder than mine. I hate to say that conception was ridiculously easy for us--something on the order of saying "I miss having a baby around," or "maybe we should try." Wish I could send you some of our easy fertility. :)