Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #8

In honor of the soon arriving Valentine's Day, I thought I'd list...
Thirteen Fun Things to do with Chocolate!

1. Have an authentic chocolate spa treatment.

2. Make some chocolate fondue and serve it with fresh cut fruit and pound cake.

3. Try your hand at carving a chocolate sculpture.

4. Bake my mom's Fudge Goody Cake!

5. Model a chocolate dress.

6. Try something totally zany like chocolate covered bacon, or chocolate covered bugles or chocolate covered grasshoppers and blog about your experience, please.

7. Treat your spouse to some sensual chocolate body frosting fun... and don't blog about your experience, please!

8. Visit the chocolate museum.

9. Have fun with with your kids making chocolate finger paint.

10. Try a bowl of chocolate pasta (hold the marinara).

11. Give yourself a moisturizing chocolate facial.

12. Make some homemade hot chocolate and cuddle up with the ones you love.

13. Buy a bag of one of my favorite chocolate treats ever and send me some!

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Jessica Morris said...

:-p It made me break out the chocolate I was trying so hard to pretend wasn't in the apartment!

The chocolate dresses were too funny!!
And we have some chocolate pasta on our shelf.. havent been brave enough yet - have you tried it?

alisonwonderland said...

mmmm. chocolate! #2, #12, and #13 are right up my alley, but maybe i ought to expand my horizons a little ... :o)

happy TT!

Catherine (almost_grinch) said...

Gotta love chocolate

Raggedy said...

I will stick with eating chocolate. I love chocolate!
Wonderful TT.
Thanks for visiting mine.

Lily said...

Mmmm...chocolate! Lol, the chocolate facial sounds awesome, except that I think I'd be licking it off my face instead of allowing it to do good things to my skin. Great TT :)

*goes to the kitchen to look for chocolate*

Kim said...

I didn't know there was such a thing as a chocolate spa treatment. I would soooooooo love the Hershey Peppermint Patty package! Thanks for sharing those great ideas!!

_gentle said...

I'm headed to the grocery right now for more chocolate!

Thanks for stopping by!

JAM said...

Chocolate covered grasshoppers?

I couldn't do that at all.

Chocolate dresses?

Chocolate's for eatin', not wearin'.

Cool list though. I've never heard of chocolate pasta.

Frances said...

It's 10:52 am and I want chocolate for breakfast!
Thanks for stopping in.

DK said...

Great list! So, you're a Lindt fan! I love those, too. I ate chocolate bugles once when I was very young and Bugles were the "new" snack - okay, I'm not saying how long ago that was! Anyway, as I recall, I was not impressed. I was not an adventurous child :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog, and Happy TTing!
A Flyover Blog

Krissy said...

That is one of the cutest lists I've seen yet! Believe it or not, I'd try a chocolate-covered grasshopper over chocolate-covered bacon! I'm not sure I could go through with the fingerpaint and facial - it'd just be such a waste of something so precious!

Now quit posting about my weakness because I'm trying not to consume any refined sugar!!

Jeanie said...

I'm sure it's by sheer accident that you forgot to list #14:

Send my friend Jeanie some chocolate in the mail....

(Or maybe it's in the list and I glazed over it as I was drooling over those two lovely words: 'chocolate fondue'...)


Rashenbo said...

Mmmmm I love chocolate! A chocolate spa treatment... that would be so decadent! :) The finger painting with chocolate could be fun too! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you have a great weekend.

Bella said...

Chocolate finger painting. Hmmm. I like that idea. My 16 month old though, would like it oo much and try to eat the paper. He eats paper anyway. Ugh. We swear he's part Billy Goat.

Great list! Thanks for visiting mine! Blessings..

Pen said...

Yummy! Sounds good to me!

Thank you for stopping by my Thirteen. Sorry, I was late in getting you yours. Hope you had a good weekend.