Friday, May 09, 2008

Clay is A-OK

Have I mentioned lately how much I love clay? Metal clay, polymer clay... I think I love it all. I'd really love to learn ceramics and intend to play around in that medium one day as soon as I can afford a kiln and pottery wheel (and have room for them). That's probably a few years off at least, so for now, it's metal and polymer clay.

Dustin and I just bought some cold porcelain clay the other day and we plan to play with it soon. We'll see what kind of jewelry bits and bobs I can make with that. :o) Apparently my man knows how to throw clay (like on a wheel!) and sculpt with it and all. *gasp* I married an ahr-teest. But you know, he won't admit how good he is with stuff like that. ;o) He's a man. A tough man. Tough men don't play with clay. They... play XBox?

Here are a couple polymer clay things I've been working on. Various beads and pendants and such. The first one I will probably coat with a shiny glaze, but I was too impatient to do that before taking the photo. *giggle*

And of course, the metal clay. Here are two pendants... a little kitty face (aww!) and cherry blossoms. I have a thing for cherry blossoms. I don't have a thing for kitties (I love kittens, but they do grow up into cats, and cats I can live without, especially their litter boxes and dirty paws on my kitchen counters. Though the last time we were at Petco we DID see the cutest little kitten ever and I so wanted to take it home... but alas, it would not stay a kitten forever and would inevitably end up on my kitchen counter with its dirty paws.) but lots of people adore cats and I did a dog pendant already so it was only fair to give the kitty equal play time. :o)

All of my precious metal clay pendants are, of course, pure silver and can be bought alone or with a variety of chain/cord options. I have sterling box chain (as seen with the kitty), brown, tan, and black microsuede cord, brown and black leather cord (black is shown with the cherry blossom pendant), and these cool new black steel cords that have a magnetic clasp. I bought one for myself and liked it so much that I bought a few to sell along with my pendants. They're insanely easy to put on, look nice and sleek, and are a very affordable way to show off a cool new pendant.

And these are two little heart links I made for a pair of earrings. I'm hanging some gorgeous green amethyst off of them and will be sending them to a secret earring swap pal, but I plan to remake the links soon and can put just about anything with them. I love hearts... so cute!

I hope you like looking at my clay goodies as much as I enjoy making them. :o)


Stacy said...

My aunt has a kiln and wheel in a little building in her backyard. She does really neat stuff with it.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I think they are great! I want some cool clay too.

I like cats better than dogs, SO THERE!


I do like dogs too.

Dustin said...

Yes, tough men play Xbox! I called myself a geek in front of a co-worker because I have an xbox and play Guitar Hero III and she said "I have friends who would take huge offense to you saying you're a geek for having Guitar Hero III because THEY have Guitar Hero III....and they're hardcore metal-heads!" So don't be dissin' me and my homies!

I was getting ready to say that you forgot to mention that your hubby polished off the BACK of the cherry blossom pendant...but then I realized that wasn't the one...I guess that one's being saved for a very special post know...I was involved in making that one AWESOME!

The Rock Chick said...

Nope, I don't like them....I LOVE them!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I'm especially crazy about the cherry blossom pendant....hmmmmmmm. Especially on the cord. I'm totally crazy for cords now instead of chains, don't know why!

As you know, I am a dog and a cat person! An equal opportunity pet owner. I'll admit that I never thought I would have a cat for the exact same reasons you listed, but I fell in love with my little Jovi at a pet adoption and took him home.

When you love it, it doesn't matter if it's poops are stinky or it goes on the counter, I guess :)

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Oh, I forgot I had a question for you. I wondered how you design your jewelry. I mean, how do you get an idea for a shape, etc and do you sketch it out before you make it or do you just make a piece as you go a long?

Nicole said...

Very nice Crystal... and Dustin :P

Jessica Morris said...

These are just beautiful!

Catherine said...

Do you think some of these nifty pendants could make it to your etsy shop? ;)