Monday, May 19, 2008

The Tale of the Crazy Canine

Once upon a time, we adopted a really beautiful dog. All white and fluffy and full of personality, was this little shih-tzu mutt. We found her at the pet store, where a local shelter was adopting out their small dogs and puppies. She caught our attention, this little white and tan ball of fur, as she spun around in circles chasing her tail in her crate.

Sweet as can be, the wonderful little creature captured our hearts. She grew to be a nurturing and loving little girl, watching over and caring for her little "sister" and always anxious to jump on Dustin's lap and welcome him home after a hard day's work.

Her favorite days were when "gramma" and "grampa" came over to see her. She'd show off and love on them and be as happy as a little dog could be. She's never met a stranger. If you move and breathe, she'd be your friend.

She was the best dog a gal could ask for... until today.

Dog-chick snapped, y'all.

My sweet little Trixie turned into a... a... well, I don't know what. A crazy canine? A demented doggy? You tell me.

Because I, of course, just so happened to capture the incident on film (or disc, as it were).

It just ain't right, people. It just ain't right.

But funny? Oh heck yeah. I laughed until my stomach hurt. Poor Trixie.

Poor crazy little Trixie.


Dustin said...

No matter how many times I look at it, I can't get over just how funny she looks!

At least she didn't turn around and bite my face off at after the picture...or did she? Hey, do I still have a face?

The Rock Chick said...

Is Trixie not feeling well? Every dog I've ever had that suddenly snapped like that was not feeling well. It was Molly that was recently sick right, not Trixie?

I'm very glad Dustin still has a face. I would hate for him to have to walk around wearing whatever it is he has on his head in his blog pic ;)

Nicole said...

Haha that picture is the best!

Chris the Crazy Conservative said...

Can anyone say.....