Wednesday, May 07, 2008


2 Belles & a Bead has donated a $10 gift certificate to a raffle that my friend Jessica is holding for her friend Shelly. Shelly is raising money to help send children battling cancer to a special summer camp just for them. What a gem! Be sure to check out Jessica's post here to find out more - it's a wonderful cause.

I get to have a toxin injected under my skin next week. Sounds fun, no? Why in the world would I ever subject myself to such foolishness, you ask? Well, I don't have a choice. TB tests are required if we want to adopt. Yay. Can you tell I'm less than thrilled about this? I don't normally enjoy injecting foreign matter into my body, especially when that foreign matter is a, you know, disease. I've not been exposed to TB so I think it's silly that I have to be tested for it. But whatever. Plus, it's quite possible that I could have an allergy to whatever it is and end up having to get chest x-rays anyway. Yay. Radiation in my body!

The hoops we have to jump through to get a child are endless. I will not bore you with details of the paperwork we have been filling out. Very personal questions. Very detailed information. We have to write autobiographies, and I am not even kidding. "The more detailed, the better."

We're traveling to attend the seminar required for our homestudy around the end of the month. I'm dreading this.

We have a big zucchini growing and several little cucumbers. Tiny baby cucumbers are very odd looking - like little vegetable aliens. I'd take photos, but it's so windy outside that I'm afraid I'd end up in Kansas.

I've been playing more with my metal clay and have some pretties to show you once I photograph them.

This might be the first mother's day in a very long time that I will not end up in tears.

That is all.


Bethany said...

LOL! When I first read "toxin", I thought "Why in the world is she getting Botox - at her age?!?" Hahaha! I hope the TB test goes OK. I had a couple when I was a kid and it wasn't too bad then.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

WOw, this is random. Didn't you get TB tests when you were a kid? I know that they do them different now than they used to. It is unbelievable how they make you jump through hoops to adopt.

I hope you don't end up in tears. :(

Stacy said...

I"ve had the tb skin test more times than I can count. Its as painless as being stuck with a needle could possibly be. I could be wrong, but I don't think they exactly inject you with TB, but with something that reacts if you have TB antibodies.

The Rock Chick said...

Thanks you for the donation Crystal. You rock!!!!

I can't believe all those tests are required to adopt. Wow. It's almost hard to believe considering the amount of children who need good homes and the amount of truly bad and abusive parents out there.

They just had a story on the news here that made me cry. A woman gave her two year old a marijuana joint to smoke while her boyfriend taped it on his cell phone. They were laughing up a storm. OMG. I just wanted to go there and grab the kid and take care of him myself.

Those tests are all relatively easy, so you'll be fine! Totally worth it for what you are going for! Hang in there!!!!!

Cyn said...

I heard an interesting thing on NPR last week. Some guy wrote a book about why people should have to get a license to have a baby. I have to admit, though politically I am pretty liberal, that this wouldn't be such a bad idea. So many hoops people have to go through to adopt are extremely extensive, wonderful people of whom it would be pretty obvious would be great parents. You even have to get a license to have a dog. But any crack-wh#re can have a baby.

Jessica Morris said...

I am super curious now as to what little cucumbers look like!!
I adore cucumbers and go through a bunch a week!

Does traveling for the seminar mean flying?
I'm praying there is an awesome outcome to all your inconveniences now!