Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Need some free $$?

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

I just got $25 for free, and so can you. No, it's not a gimmick. It's the next "Paypal". I heard about it on Etsy, where a lot of sellers are signing up to receive payments through it. There are no fees (yet, anyway - they all have zero fees when they first start up, but I don't expect it to last for long) to receive a payment so that is appealing to many sellers over there.

I wasn't going to sign up, but then I saw that a gemstone retailer accepted RME payments and her stuff is gooooorgeous. I thought, "hmmm... free gemstones... HMMMM" and the deal was sealed.

So, sign up though the link above and get $25 for your own free gemstones. OR you can buy jewelry. From me. Because you know you want to. And it would be free! I'll accept RME payments for things in my Etsy shop (Click HERE) and if there's something you want from us that isn't in the Etsy shop, just let me know and I might be able to put it up there.
(Plus, I'd get $10 to buy MORE gemstones! Yay! Or if I'm nice, maybe I'll find something for the man... or future baby... or or or...)

Oooorrr if you want $25 but don't want to buy jewelry (though I can't imagine WHY that would be the case!) there is a whole long list of Etsy sellers that take RME. Even some who sell soap. And we all need soap. But I think we need jewelry more. What's the point of being clean if you don't got da bling?

Ok, I'll shut up now. :) Have fun getting free $$!


Chelsea Rae said...

Thats right, rub it in. I live in Canada and they won't let me do this. Haha, poor Canadians. :P

You lucky people.

Any updates on the adoption front? How are things going? We put you guys and future littles in our prayer book so we pray for you every day!

SylvChezPlum said...

Same here, I tried to sign up but I live in France and it seems to be only open to US residents.. :-/