Thursday, May 08, 2008

First Fruits

I walked out to the garden this evening to photograph the alien cucumber babies, and I found a gorgeous zucchini that was perfectly ready to be harvested. So harvest it I did. I also found several green beans that needed to be picked, so they joined their courgette-y friend in a nice veggie wash bath and towel dry.

Ahhh. Isn't it beautiful? I've never seen such a pretty little green thing!

Y'all... Y'ALL... you just have NO idea how proud I am of this little zucchini. I've never grown anything that was edible other than a few little herbs a few years ago, and those didn't last long. But this zucchini is perrrrrfect, and he already has two little friends growing and waiting to join him in my belly.

I must admit that I didn't do a lot of the work. Heck, ok, so my dad did most of the work. But I do weed and water and feed, so I get some of the credit, no? These green beans aren't really the first of that fruit. My dad took some home last weekend. Puuuuurdy little green beans. Dustin says their scent takes him "waaaay back" to when he snapped beans with his grandma. He thinks they smell like apricots. I think he's a little off his rocker, but hey, they do smell sweet and sort of intoxicating so call 'em what you will.

Yes, Jessica, I did take photos of the little baby alien cucumbers just for you! I braved the wind and the june bugs (my freaking heck they're horrible right now!) and the big prickly leaves of the huge zucchini plant poking me in the rear to capture the strangeness of these things. They're weird but cute in their own way. The first one is bigger, only at about 1" long, though the photo makes it look huge. The second one is teeeeeny tiny. Bizarre little creature.

It's so amazing to me to watch plants grow and produce fruit. It kind of blows my mind. But what also blows my mind is seeing that little furry bumpy alien thing and realizing that sometime long long ago and far far away, some person was poking around outside and saw this creature and exclaimed, "hmmm... this is gonna taste gooood! Henryyyyy! Chop up some of that there lettuce... Imagonna make some salad fer dinner!"

I hope she at least waited until it went bald.


Dustin said...

For the record - it was the taste of the fresh raw green bean that took me waaaayyyyy back. The smell smelled like apricots or peaches or something...but that MAY have been the veggie bath they took when they came in.

The Rock Chick said...

I'm envious! I'm terrible with plants of any kind. I can't even keep plants alive that someone else already grew!

My mom used to have a veggie garden when we were young and I remember how much better everything tasted!

Did you take a pic of the salad you made? :)

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Wow, and it's way too early here to plant stuff!

Chris the Crazy Conservative said...

Yes indeed you DO get some of the credit. The day to day stuff involved in growing a garden is the stuff I get tired of real quick. I LIKE the tilling and digging and planting. It looks like we might actually make a pretty good team here, don't you think?

BTW, that guy's name was probably Adam and his woman's name was Eve.

Jessica Morris said...

WOW!! Seriously - I *never* knew cucumbers could look like that!!
Kind of icky, but cool! Thanks for educating me :)