Sunday, February 10, 2008

He blogs!


I'm giggling because apparently we convinced my man to blog after all. But was his first blog all about how wonderful, attractive, intelligent, and perfect I am? Nope. It was about prison. Or something. I don't know. Oh yeah, he mentions me... at the end. I'm also listed as his number one "interest" in his profile. BUT! Then he claims his interests are "pretty generic".

Gee, thanks, hon! Are you calling me cheap?

"Generic wives, aisle four!"

Of course, I'm just messing with him. I must warn you, we both have a weird (and sometimes sick) sense of humor. I'm sure you've noticed that about me, but he's worse. In fact, it's his fault I am the way that I am. After living with him for over seven years, you sort of start to act like him. He's contagious.

But at least he's not generic...


The Rock Chick said...

Not generic at all and I thought the ending of his post was VERY sweet!!

Crystal said...

Yes, it was very sweet. :)