Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Poblano Boats

Last night for dinner, I decided I'd make a completely vegetarian dish and attempted to make stuffed poblano peppers. Everything went fine, until I tried to de-seed them. They sort of fell apart, and I was left with flat poblano pancakes. So, I improvised. I pulled the sides up around the filling and made poblano boats!

I substituted pintos for black beans because I did not realize I was out of black beans. It was either pintos or lentils, and my husband loves pintos, so pintos it was. I also left out the corn and served it on the side (corn is a rare treat for us!) because my husband has a strange thing about not liking corn in things, though he likes it alone. I used brown rice and topped the boats with 2% milk colby cheese.

They got a thumbs up! My carnivorous man liked them. Though he did add sour cream and ketchup, and gave me a funny look while I was photographing his plate. *giggle*

I will definitely make these again. Maybe next time I'll be nice and add some meat. ;o)


Heidi @ GGIP said...

That sounds good. I imagine that Texans should eat stuff like this all the time.


Crystal said...

You'd think! Probably most do, but the only Mexican foods I like are tortillas and tortilla chips. lol :) Dustin loves it all though.

Di said...

Funny...I am EXTREMELY allergic to Poblano peppers! My husband is in the produce biz, so we are frequently using different veggies. When I tried to cut the Poblanos for stuffed Poblano peppers, I started swelling and breaking out in a rash. I've since determined that I can EAT them, I just can't prepare them or touch them when they are raw.

365DaysVeg said...


I see that you have added my Stuffed Poblano Pepper recipe in the link. I am sorry that the de-seeding did not go well. It is delicate to do that but after trying a couple, it surely comes well properly. Also try buying larger peppers so that it is easier to stuff.

365DaysVeg said...

Poblano Pepper - You can also core the top first to remove the seeds before roasting. That helps too.

Jessica Morris said...

Lol, good job re-inventing the recipe!! :)

The Rock Chick said...

My hubby would probably love this...I'm going to send him the recipe.

I can't stand the taste of any kind of peppers...greem poblano, jalapeno....I keep trying them but never like them. I don't even like the taste of regular old black pepper.

One of my daughters, though, would rather snack on green peppers than chocolate! I totally do not get that!